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• Starts Friday, Jun 14

The first human womb transplant

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Friday, Jun 146:00PM

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Register before Jun 14

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Jun 14, 6:00PM - Jun 14, 7:30PM




  • Following two decades of steadfast research, the first-ever UK human womb transplant took place between two sisters in early 2023.
  • Join surgeons and co-leaders of the effort Richard Smith and Isobel Quiroga as they share the remarkable 25-year journey of research and collaboration, and the hope to extend this life-changing opportunity to more people in the future, marking a significant milestone in medical history.
  • The transplant, co-led by teams from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, took nearly 18 hours and paved the way for potential motherhood. The successful procedure highlights the plight of one in five thousand UK women without a viable womb, offering hope to those who have undergone a hysterectomy. While the UK celebrates its inaugural transplant, the global count is around 100, with 50 babies born from such procedures since 2013.
  • Join two leaders in the field as they explore the future of womb transplants in the UK and beyond.


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