The secret superpowers of the seabed

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• Starts Jun 23, 6:00PM

The secret superpowers of the seabed

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Jun 23, 6:00PM - Jun 23, 7:30PM




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Offshore wind turbines provide us with clean electricity, powering our homes, vehicles and lifestyles. They can help to decarbonise our society and economy to slow climate change. But how do we design and scale up what's required to meet net zero targets?

Join geotechnical engineer, Susan Gourvenec, as she explores the secret superpowers of the seabed, and how their evolution impacts the integrity of infrastructures built in the sea. From the microscale of seabed sediments to the individual foundations placed to support the turbines, discover what it takes to build windfarms at the scale the world needs.

In this talk, Susan will unearth these seabed superpowers that engineers can tap into to achieve these ambitions, as well as the latest emerging technologies that will enable us to design and build offshore wind farms at a scale, pace and accuracy that is currently impossible.

The Royal Academy of Engineering are making tickets to this event free for London schools. To access these tickets, please email with the name of the school and number of tickets you wish to apply for. This will be on a first come, first served basis. 


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