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2024 Intern, RTL Design/Modeling

🚀 Off-cycle Internship

Mountain View

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  • You need to be pursuing a Master's/PhD in CS/CE, skilled in programming, understand Verilog, SystemVerilog, C, C++, Java, and Python. Knowledge in advanced Computer Architecture and digital design. Understanding AI algorithms and application development for android is a plus.
  • You'll create models for key IP blocks like Media, DSP, ISP, DPU, CVP in SystemC/VisualSim. Perform workload characterization on these blocks by creating synthetic workloads.

Off-cycle Internship

Design•Mountain View


  • The Samsung SOC Lab vision provides innovative SoC architecture, bus / memory subsystem, multimedia subsystems and key IP blocks for future Samsung Galaxy products (Smartphones, tablets and future devices). We are defining the high performance SoC architecture development for various Galaxy device lineups. This lab collaborates with Samsung's strategic SoC partners, Samsung MX headquarter team, and key R&D teams around the globe to innovate and reinvent technology that will positively impact millions of people around the world via the Galaxy flagship products.


  • Currently pursuing a Masters or PhD in Computer Science/Engineering
  • Programming; Data structures and algorithms
  • Able to understand Verilog, SystemVerilog, C, C++ and Java, Python preferred
  • Coursework or other demonstrable skill in advanced Computer Architecture and digital design
  • Special Attributes:
  • Understanding of building blocks of Smartphone SOC (System on Chip) is a plus
  • Hands on with application development for android is a plus. Familiarity is required
  • Understanding of performance of AI algorithms and the development flow
  • Experience with automation e.g. parse multiple files and generate reports using python

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  • Create models in SystemC or VisualSim for key IP blocks like Media, DSP, ISP, DPU, CVP
  • Workload characterization on the Media, DSP, ISP, DPU, CVP by creating synthetic workloads


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Mountain View