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AG Product Verification and Validation Intern

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  • You must be enrolled in a surveying, construction management, or civil engineering program, preferably an incoming junior. Comfortable with occasional dirt and climbing on large equipment. Graduating seniors are eligible.
  • You will work on various projects in precision agriculture, learning about cutting-edge technologies, testing products, and assisting in the development of advanced software and hardware for farming operations.

Summer Internship

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As a member of the Topcon team, you'll be someone who:

  • Takes Pride in Global Impact, eager to contribute to solutions in agriculture, construction, and positioning that have a worldwide reach.
  • Continuously Seeks Growth, always on the lookout for ways to grow personally and professionally.
  • Solves Problems Proactively, a natural at tackling challenges with innovation and determination.
  • Balances Team Support with Personal Boundaries, skilled at being a reliable team player while managing personal and professional priorities effectively.


  • Enrolled in bachelor’s or Master’s in Surveying, Construction Management or Civil Engineering.
  • Graduating seniors are eligible, and preferably be an incoming junior (3rd year) On occasion must be comfortable getting dirty and climbing on large equipment

Education requirements

Currently Studying
Third Year

Area of Responsibilities



  • In this internship you will work with the Topcon Professional Services team on assigned projects that meet the needs of the business unit. The interns will help develop, train, and support the most advanced technology in the agriculture industry. The technology you will be working with includes feed and dairy management software, boom height control for spraying applications, and GNSS and steering for farming operations. As an intern you will work with these different products and software solutions daily, experiencing how a company like Topcon operates from start to finish of a product cycle. These assignments will be provided to you at the beginning of the internship and will expose you to the different technologies that Topcon offers. The Professional Services (AG) Intern daily activities will include:
  • Theoretical basis of modern agriculture.
  • Safety requirements and means of protection working with electrical equipment and AG vehicles
  • GNSS technologies and positioning accuracy levels in modern farming
  • Inertial sensors and auxiliary data inputs for AG machine control applications
  • Basic interfaces and communication protocols
  • Precision farming modern applications overview
  • Future of precision agriculture and machine control applications
  • Practical experience with technologies and precision farming applications.
  • Overview of geodetic and AG receivers, available settings, ways of communication and set up using Topcon proprietary tools.
  • Overview of examples of receiver output data, means of visualization of messages, basic problem detection and solving
  • Types of harnesses and automotive connectors in precision farming. Reading the drawings and pin outs, verification, modification, and creation of the adapter harnesses
  • Installation of the AG precision farming systems, preparations for autosteering, calibrations and tuning
  • Working with an attachable AG smart-implement using the capabilities of precision farming applications. Deployment and tuning of parameters.
  • Small projects and activities, basing on daily working activities and tasks of the Topcon AG product development and verification group.
  • Participation in preparation and installation of the static bench for development and testing of the state of art GNSS technologies and applications.
  • Participation in different levels of testing and research of the next generation of AG receiver HW and FW development: following test plans, collecting the required for investigation data, overview of basic applications and tools used for modern SW and FW development and testing.


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