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Assay Analysis Intern (Summer 2024)

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🚀 Summer Internship


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Summer Internship

Research & Development, Science•Seattle


  • Internships typically start in June and run through August/September.
  • Global Health Labs is seeking a Graduate-level or PhD candidate Intern to join a dynamic diagnostics R&D team that pushes the cutting edge of what is possible in cost, ease of use, and performance for assays designed for low resource settings in developing countries.

Role Summary:

  • The Assay Analysis Intern will support research and development of novel molecular diagnostics platforms, in service of GH Labs’ mission. These novel platforms support health interventions for diseases that most disproportionately affect people in developing countries, including tuberculosis, malaria, parasitic infections, cervical cancer, and others. Specifically, the intern will support analysis of Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) products and reaction kinetics in service of GH Labs’ mission. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification is compatible with point-of-care diagnosis in low-income countries, and it will be very useful to better understand LAMP mechanisms. The applicant should have diverse skillsets in programming, computer modeling and laboratory experimentation to develop models for deep understanding of LAMP assay. The goal is to use the knowledge to develop a highly sensitive and specific LAMP assay either with faster speed or at lower temperatures.


  • Currently enrolled in a master’s or PhD program in Computational Biology, System Biology or Bioengineering with experience in programing and/or modeling. Preference will be given to candidates with research experience in the development, design, and implementation of novel algorithms for modeling and with the knowledge of nucleic acid isothermal amplification.
  • Cross-disciplinary training in systems biology, computational biology and molecular biology.
  • Demonstrated expertise in programming and modeling of molecular biology processes
  • Experience using correlated software to predict DNA secondary structure and DNA/primer interaction.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Proficient in modeling software such as Simbiology in Matlab, KinTok explorer etc. Skills in Macros and Biorender are plus.
  • Ability to do wet lab work such as LAMP amplification and LAMP product analysis with bioanalyzer in BSL2 laboratory.
  • Passion for scientific creativity
  • Highly proactive and self-directed in literature search, grasp new concepts and generate ideas for a small project
  • Work both independently and collaboratively
  • Required Competencies:
  • GH Labs Success Factors: We believe there are a few prioritized key capabilities and behaviors that are critical to success for all roles at GH Labs. They are:
  • Demonstrates Collaboration: actively listens and works with others openly and transparently to create an environment where diverse viewpoints are valued, and information is shared for the purposes of solving problems and achieving collective goals. Seeks collaborative solutions as the best path to sustainable change.
  • Accelerates Impact: takes risks, proves/disproves concepts quickly and with a growth mindset, solves creatively, and partners strategically to achieve results and deliver impact on GH Labs mission.
  • Promotes Accountability: holds self and others accountable so that success is celebrated, and failure is understood and addressed.
  • Establishes Trust: interacts, shares, and receives information and feedback in a way that builds trust and gains the confidence of others.

Education requirements

Currently Studying

Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Literature search to identify the software or tools for analyzing the LAMP assay product and kinetics.
  • Lab experimentation on LAMP assay
  • Develop model for predicting the LAMP products and LAMP reaction kinetics.
  • Record and communicate results to the team and other members of the organization.
  • Consistently maintain a safe working environment with good housekeeping practices.


Work type

Full time

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