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Audit & accounts - Placement year - Nottingham

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  • The ideal candidate for the Audit & Accounts placement year at UHY Hacker Young in Nottingham must have minimum A-level/B grades, be reliable and persistent, demonstrate initiative and adaptability, show leadership skills, possess commercial awareness and business development experience. They should also have a strong understanding of the accounting profession and be well-researched and knowledgeable about the company and its challenges.
  • The candidate will be responsible for reviewing and checking financial information, bank statements, and payroll records, as well as developing relationships with clients and attending meetings and training sessions to gain technical knowledge and skills.

Placement Program

Accounting & Tax


Rolling basis


The overview of the department;

  • Deliver an external audit service to a range of clients in a range of sectors
  • Assist managers in the planning and completion of audit work and to lead audit fieldwork on a variety of clients
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  • Academic requirements:
  • Minimum A-levels, B,B,C grades (or equivalent and excluding general studies)
  • Grade B/6 or above in GSCE Maths and English Language (GSCE or equivalent)
  • Persistence:
  • Ability to work hard to complete near term tasks
  • Energy, stamina and persistence in achieving longer-term objectives
  • Reliability:
  • Conscientious and properly completes tasks
  • Willing to put the needs and interests of others (including “work”) before personal needs
  • Maintains standards and completes tasks in difficult circumstances
  • Remains stable and self-controlled under stress
  • Initiative and adaptability:
  • Willingness to adapt to and change in new circumstances
  • Ability to identify new or different ways of doing things
  • Active in taking steps to make sure things happen
  • Learning
  • Consistent or improving record of academic attainment over time
  • Application to “weak” or “disliked” subjects and courses
  • High levels of achievement over a diverse range of subjects
  • Learning well in a difficult or challenging environment
  • Leadership:
  • Success when in a position of responsibility, ensuring that a team or group works together and achieves its purpose; or contributing to a group in a similar way
  • Success when in a position of responsibility, ensuring that a team or group works together and achieves its purpose; or contributing to a group in a similar way
  • Organising a group, allocating tasks
  • Setting, monitoring and achieving aims
  • Resolving disputes and difficulties
  • Ability to influence and persuade others
  • Understanding of the profession and the job - Well researched, enthusiastic and knowledgeable on;
  • The work and role of an accountant
  • The challenges of the exams
  • UHY
  • Commercial awareness:
  • Successful involvement with customers; putting the customer first
  • Successful working relationships with colleagues
  • Applying or improving procedures
  • Measuring or improving performance
  • An appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of businesses or organisations that they have been involved with
  • Business development:
  • An understanding of what it takes for a business (or other organisation) to be grow, and an ability to put that understanding into practice
  • A successful involvement in sales or marketing
  • Successful self-promotion (e.g. in obtaining elected office)
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Area of Responsibilities

Accounting & Tax


  • As a placement student, your typical daily duties will include;
  • Checking a client’s financial information, purchase and sales invoices
  • Checking bank balances and bank statements
  • Reviewing client payroll records for accuracy
  • Ensure sound knowledge of a client and its industry by researching background information and useful publications
  • Develop communication skills and build relationships with key stakeholders
  • Utilise accounts software
  • Attend client meetings and social activities
  • Develop and apply technical knowledge gained from studies and on the job experience
  • Attend in-house technical training as required
  • Ensure timesheets are completed on a weekly basis
  • Training:
  • The firm provides practical training internally. Immediately on joining us, you receive two weeks of training in accounting, our business language, and in auditing. This lays the foundation for your placement year’s practical experience
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Work type

Full time

Work mode





  • TOIL (Time off in Lieu)
  • 28 days holiday (including bank holidays)
  • Discretionary Christmas shutdown not counted as part of holiday entitlement 
  • The ability to ‘purchase’ extra days leave in salary sacrifice
  • Private medical insurance at discounted rates
  • Private dental cover at discounted rates
  • Subsidised corporate gym membership 
  • Life assurance (4x salary)  
  • Season ticket loan (for travel)
  • Childcare voucher scheme
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Rolling basis