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  • You need an MD or PhD in a relevant field, grant writing experience, enthusiasm, strategic thinking, ability to work independently, strong communication skills, and commitment to women's health. Ability to prioritize and handle multiple projects and meet physical demands.
  • You will conduct literature reviews, scan for partnerships, analyze scientific data, and present summaries on potential women's health interventions for evaluation.


  • An MD or PhD advanced degree in a relevant scientific discipline or currently pursuing an MD or PhD
  • Experience with government grant writing a plus
  • High level of enthusiasm, personal sense of urgency, and capacity to overcome obstacles
  • A “hunting” mentality to find scientists/early-entrepreneurs with ideas
  • Effective and proactive strategic thinking capabilities
  • Personal commitment to Medicines360's mission in women’s health.
  • Be a self-starter, able to work independently
  • Capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously
  • Excellent communication skills (both spoken and written) and ability to effectively work with others; good interpersonal skills a must.
  • Physical demands/misc:
  • Must be able to remain in a stationary position 50% of the time.
  • The person in this position may need to occasionally move throughout the office to attend meetings in different rooms.
  • Continuously operates a computer and occasionally uses other office productivity machinery, such as copy machine, and computer printer
  • The ability to communicate information and ideas so others will understand. Must be able to exchange accurate information in these situations.
  • The ability to observe details at close range (within a few feet of the observer)


  • Completes scientific literature reviews and extrapolates translates to potential women’s health interventions in the areas of vaginal, uterine, breast, or regenerative health.
  • Completes partnership scanning to match potential product candidates from academia, contract laboratory and consulting experts.
  • Scans posters, abstracts and lectures from congresses and biotech symposia
  • Works with M360 clinical advisors to gain feedback on potential project candidates.
  • Writes appropriate summaries on early-stage opportunities for further evaluation.
  • Goal is to present at least 4 new summaries a month.


What level of expertise is required for the Business Development Scientific Intern position at Medicines360?

The position requires an MD or PhD advanced degree in a relevant scientific discipline or currently pursuing an MD or PhD.

What are the essential duties and responsibilities of the Business Development Scientific Intern at Medicines360?

Some of the essential duties include completing scientific literature reviews, identifying potential product candidates in women's health, scanning for new opportunities, working with clinical advisors, and writing summaries for evaluation.

What skills and qualifications are necessary for the Business Development Scientific Intern position at Medicines360?

Candidates should have experience with government grant writing, a proactive mindset, strategic thinking capabilities, excellent communication skills, and a personal commitment to Medicines360's mission in women's health.

Can the Business Development Scientific Intern work independently on multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes, the ideal candidate should be a self-starter capable of prioritizing and handling multiple projects independently.

What are the physical demands for the Business Development Scientific Intern position at Medicines360?

The position may require remaining stationary for 50% of the time, occasional movement throughout the office, operating a computer, and communicating information effectively.

Working toward a world where all women have access to the medicines they need.

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Medicines360 is a nonprofit pharmaceutical organization working toward a world where all women have access to the medicines they need.

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  • Integrity

    We seek to consistently align our words and actions with our values to create relationships based on honesty, accountability, learning and trust among staff and external partners. We commit to ensure that at every turn our decision-making and actions reflect our organizational values and beliefs as establishing trust is vital to organizational success.

  • Compassion

    Acting with compassion is the emotional or empathic response to perceived suffering or discomfort, which results in an authentic desire to listen and to help. At Medicines360, we recognize the complexities of life and commit to being non-judgmental and open minded to meet our staff, partners, and stakeholders where they are. This is an ever-expanding practice designed to improve work-life integration and influence our office culture and build trust by creating the conditions for others to be successful in their personal and professional pursuits.

  • Equity

    Our nation’s history is beset with practices and policies that have precluded full societal participation by groups of people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, or other identity markers, resulting in serious yet solvable socio-economic disparities. Healthcare is no exception. The pursuit of equity is at the heart of our work as we believe that no one should be disadvantaged from living healthily simply because of their social position or other socially determined circumstances. As a result, we commit to advancing equity across our organizational functions and the communities in which we operate to ensure that access and opportunity are available to all. Advancing equity will come from curiosity, knowledge sharing, communication and understanding of differences and lived experiences.

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    We prioritize collaboration as it improves the way that groups work together to solve problems. This leads to more innovative, efficient processes, increased success and feeling valued. As a mission-driven organization, Medicines360 exists in relationship to others; and to accomplish our objectives means communicating openly, seeing others’ points of view, and emphasizing the needs of the collective we over the individual self. Through listening to and learning from others, we embrace a spirit of humility and commit to co-creating solutions to reach our collective and individual goals.

  • Transparency

    We commit to promoting an open, inclusive, and participatory work environment; one where information is communicated clearly and timely to ensure that all staff have the shared knowledge, understanding and motivation necessary to deliver on our mission. This includes operating as a learning organization; rooted in the belief that creating and transferring knowledge contributes to internal and external trust building and organizational improvement.