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Capacity Planning Software Engineer Intern

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🚀 Off-cycle Internship
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  • You must have intermediate JavaScript/React skills, know Node.js/Python, SQL, Rest APIs, Git, CSS, pursuing relevant degree, commit to 12-16 week intern, Cloudflare Workers experience is a plus.
  • You will build internal tools for capacity planning at Cloudflare, focusing on developing an autonomous system to oversee global capacity deployments efficiently.

Off-cycle Internship

Software Engineering


  • Capacity Engineering ensures there's always enough capacity—servers, storage, memory, or bandwidth—available whenever and wherever it's needed. The capacity team focuses on creating and optimizing global and regional capacity plans at various altitudes to balance service, infrastructure, financial, and business constraints, directly managing $billions of investment per year. We collaborate closely with engineering teams to understand demand signals and work hand in hand with infrastructure operations teams to deploy the right amount of capacity. Supporting over 25 million internet properties across ~300 cities, we manage infrastructure capacity. Simple as that!


  • Intermediate skills with JavaScript and the React framework
  • Familiarity with server side development in Node.js or Python
  • Strong skills in network services, including Rest APIs and HTTP
  • Some experience with SQL (CREATE, ALTER, DROP, SELECT, LEFT_JOIN, INNER_JOIN, etc.)
  • Familiarity with version control tools like Git (push, pull, commit)
  • Familiarity with CSS concepts like the Box model, CSS Grid or Flexbox
  • Currently pursuing a degree or program (example: bootcamp) in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or relevant field to the role
  • Ability to commit to a 12-16 week internship
  • Bonus Points:
  • Experience with Cloudflare Workers
  • Familiarity with basic Typescript features like Interfaces and Type assertions
  • Familiarity with a CSS framework like Bootstrap (Grid system, basic utility classes)
  • Experience with Frontend build systems (npm or yarn scripts, webpack)
  • Experience deploying code to environments (kubernetes, docker)
  • Examples of desirable skills, knowledge and experience:
  • Experience building, shipping products end to end, wearing different hats
  • Contribute to discussions and documentation to communicate and arrive at the best technical design
  • Experience working across different component boundaries, from frontend to backend, and even infrastructure layers

Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • As a capacity planning full-stack engineer intern, your primary focus will be on building internal tools and systems for capacity engineering. This entails developing an autonomous capacity planning system to efficiently oversee capacity deployments around the world, covering compute, storage, GPU, and network resources. These internal tools will encompass a wide range of functionalities, from automating server deployment plans to prioritizing global work orders for all infrastructure tasks.


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