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ūüöÄ Summer Internship


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  • The candidate for the Cell Culture Development Intern position must be a currently enrolled college student, have completed at least their sophomore year with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and be able to work full-time. No prior experience is required, but familiarity with aseptic techniques, molecular biology, microbiology, protein chemistry techniques, and computer-based coding and data processing is preferred.
  • The Cell Culture Development Intern at Bio-Techne will study literature, grow and maintain cultures, propose and conduct experiments, analyze data, and perform additional assigned duties in the field of cell culture development.

Summer Internship



  • All internship positions are designed to give college students an opportunity to apply techniques learned in an academic setting while obtaining new skills. This is a paid internship offering full-time hours during the summer months.All interns are required to conclude the program by giving a formal presentation on their work. Please note that no relocation assistance is provided for the internship program. 

Position Summary: 

  • Cell culture is at the core of any recombinant protein production project. With increased availability of advanced technologies, it becomes possible to improve yields, shorten lead times, facilitate purification, and improve product quality, by creating and screening more expression clones, at more diverse cell culture conditions. This is an ideal position for an intern who desires to gain interdisciplinary experience at the crossroads of molecular biology, microbiology, automation, and protein chemistry. The goal of the project is to design and/or improve our strategies for development of best producing clones and cultures. With the primary focus on increasing throughput by using innovative strategies combined with automated platforms, robotics, and computer technology, the techniques may involve one or more of the following: cell line creation and selection, cell culture condition screening, protein expression analysis by electrophoretic and immunochemical techniques, and high-throughput protein purification techniques. The expression systems employed include E. coli and mammalian cell lines. The desired candidate is technology- savvy and has aptitude for innovation. A good academic understanding of basic biochemistry and microbiology principles will be applied in modern industrial settings. The intern will have a chance to get familiar with cutting edge instrumentation and technologies.  


  • Must be a currently enrolled student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in a field relevant to the internship
  • Must have completed (at minimum) the sophomore year of college
  • Must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Must be able to work full-time during the duration of the internship program
  • Experience Qualifications:
  • No experience is necessary beyond skills and knowledge that can be expected from completed coursework
  • Familiarity with aseptic techniques is preferred
  • Familiarity with basic molecular biology, microbiology, and protein chemistry techniques, is preferred
  • Familiarity with computer-based coding and data processing techniques, is preferred

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  • Study academic literature and apply gained information in daily work
  • Grow and maintain cultures for the purpose of recombinant protein expression, strain maintenance, and miscellaneous experiments
  • Propose, plan, and conduct experiments
  • Perform data analysis/entry, organize data, prepare charts, summaries, and reports. Share with peers.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned


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Full time

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