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  • You need college coursework (100+) from an accredited institution to be considered for the ACE Data Science Intern position at Salt River Project. Your skills will be evaluated by management.
  • You will build advanced data models, utilize Data Science tools, research new technologies, analyze data, deploy models, and communicate results effectively.


  • College level coursework (100+) from an accredited institution will be evaluated on an individual basis according to the skill/level to determine if applicable to the position by management.


  • Building predictive, prescriptive, and/or optimization data models which leverage advanced algorithms, mathematical techniques, and statistics.
  • Using Data Science tools and techniques, including tools such as SQL, Python, R, PowerBI, GPT, etc. and statistical methods including data transformations, ANOVA, regression, clustering, classification algorithms and optimization.
  • Researching / piloting innovative ideas, testing/evaluating new technologies.
  • Analyzing data sources, gathering and transforming data into formats that are useful for analytics.
  • Promoting models into production environments and monitoring their operation.
  • Communicating results via presentations, documentation, roadshows, and visualizations.


What are the primary responsibilities of a College Intern - ACE Data Science?

The primary responsibilities include extracting knowledge and insights from high volume, high dimensional data, investigating complex business problems, using data preparation, modeling, analysis, and visualization techniques, and creating solutions to enhance business performance.

What skills are required for this position?

Skills required for this position include advanced statistical analysis, algorithms, predictive modeling, experimentation, pattern recognition, and proficiency in data science platforms.

What kind of projects would a College Intern - ACE Data Science work on?

A College Intern - ACE Data Science would work on projects related to data analysis, modeling, visualization, and creating solutions to improve business performance within various groups at SRP.

What level of experience is required for this internship?

This internship is designed for college students looking to gain experience in data science and analytics. Prior experience with data analysis and modeling is preferred but not required.

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