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Concept Artist Intern

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Rolling basis


  • With your talent and creativity, you'll shape the visual development of our game, crafting captivating concept art and designs that transport players to extraordinary worlds. Collaborate closely with and learn from our skilled art team to breathe life into ideas and concepts, ensuring they align with our game's overarching vision. From creating mood boards to storyboards, you'll provide essential visual references that guide and inspire our talented artists. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of game development, gaining valuable experience and honing your craft alongside passionate creators. Let your artistry shine and leave a lasting impression on players worldwide!
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Area of Responsibilities



  • Create concept art and designs for characters, environments, props, and other visual elements.
  • Collaborate with the art team to iterate and refine concepts based on feedback and direction.
  • Participate in art meetings, contribute ideas, and provide artistic input to support the overall creative process.
  • Research and gather visual references, exploring different styles and themes to inspire the art team's work.
  • Assist in the preparation of presentations, helping to effectively communicate visual concepts to stakeholders.
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  • A recent graduate or currently enrolled in a game-related art or design university program.
  • Strong artistic skills with a portfolio showcasing your creativity, imagination, and ability to design visually appealing concepts.
  • Proficiency in digital art software/tools
  • Knowledge of composition, colour theory, anatomy, and other fundamental art principles.
  • Passion for gaming, with a strong interest in exploring and contributing to the visual aesthetics of game development.
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Education requirements

Currently Studying


  • Learn from best-in-class design enthusiasts, pixel art aficionados, nostalgic gamers, world builders, anti-conformists, vaporwave fanatics, video game historians, lore masters, speed runners, easter egg hunters, modders, code wizards, database gurus, and hackers.
  • Competitive compensation, benefits, and perks
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