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CPU Architect Research Intern

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Rolling basis


  • AMD Research seeks a Computer Science or Electrical Engineering graduate student to work on high-performance computer software and hardware. You will be responsible for developing innovations that feed into scaled-out systems incorporating a variety of current and emerging accelerators and tightly coupled CPUs. The work has the potential to directly impact product roadmaps and to influence future hardware and software products. 
  • AMD Research nurtures and encourages all co-ops to file quality patents and to publish at top-tier research venues out of their internship projects. Previous co-ops at AMD Research have gone on to publish the results of their work in major academic and industrial conferences, file patent disclosures for innovative ideas as well contribute to production code and hardware designs. 
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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development
Architecture & Urban Planning


  • The role is for our CPU Research team. Our mission is to create the fastest and most energy efficient CPUs for a wide range of market segments and applications. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to work with experienced CPU architects innovating on the next generation of AMD processors. You will exercise your skills on cutting-edge CPU designs while having the chance to see your ideas being part of a final and real product.

You Will:

  • Be responsible for the investigation and implementation of novel techniques for AMD’s CPU micro-architecture.
  • Profile workloads across existing and new AMD’s CPUs to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement in the cache hierarchy.
  • Collaborate with experienced designers in micro-architecture and RTL to assess the feasibility of ideas, refine them and propose new ones.
  • Implement your novel designs in an in-house simulator.
  • Evaluate your designs and compare them to the existing ones.
  • Present your results to other members of the team and of the company.
  • Have the opportunity to influence and improve our current CPU micro-architecture.
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  • PhD candidates related to Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or Computer Science.
  • Good understanding of software/hardware interaction, computer architecture, operating systems and compilers.
  • Experience with functional- or performance-modelling of CPUs.
  • Strong skills in C/C++ and Python.
  • Experience developing in Linux environments, using shell or Python scripting.
  • Self-motivated and independent, curious to learn, and eager to work with and help others, able to work efficiently across multiple groups.
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Education requirements



  • Personal & professional development through mentoring and training
  • Working on cutting-edge technology
  • Networking opportunities
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