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Cryptography Research Engineer Intern



7d ago

  • Internship
    Off-cycle Internship
  • Software Engineering
  • San Francisco

AI generated summary

  • You must have strong knowledge of blockchain cryptography, elliptic curve, and privacy-enhancing technologies. Skilled in Python, C/C++, Rust or Go, with a passion for decentralized technologies. Currently enrolled in a PhD program and open to continuous learning.
  • You will research cryptographic algorithms, collaborate with engineers, write technical specs, implement your research, provide guidance to leadership, meet deadlines, represent Ripple in the community, and work with various teams for optimal developer experience.


  • Strong familiarity of the latest blockchain cryptography and security
  • Deep understanding of elliptic curve and pairing based cryptography, Multi-party computation and threshold cryptography
  • Familiarity with privacy enhancing technologies such as Homomorphic encryption, differential privacy, federated learning and zero-knowledge primitive
  • Skilled in Python, C/C++, Rust or Go and familiarity with cryptographic libraries
  • A passion for and knowledge of decentralized technologies
  • An open-minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity with a mindset of continuous learning
  • Strong communicator, well versed in communicating to varied audiences
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to excellence
  • Currently enrolled in PhD program (Cryptography, Computer Security, Computer Science, Mathematics).
  • A plus, but not required:
  • Understanding of the XRPL
  • Direct experience working in Crypto/Blockchain


  • Explore the next generation of cryptographic algorithms and protocols to support the latest advancements required to further the state-of-art of XRPL and more broadly the crypto ecosystem
  • Collaborate with engineers and product teams to drive critical projects into a tangible roadmap
  • Design and write technical specifications and academic papers for innovative projects and independently develop proof of concepts to validate your research
  • Closely collaborate with the engineering team and be responsible for the implementation of your research
  • Provide review and guidance to the leadership to ensure business and strategic alignment
  • Set milestones for timely and on-budget completion of high-quality work
  • Be a representative of Ripple research in the community via active participation in standards bodies, academic conferences, social media, organizing and participating in workshops, hackathons, etc.
  • Work with the teams across the broader organization, including engineering, product, legal, compliance, finance, and business development to think beyond the technical design in delivering the best experience for our developers’ community


What will the Cryptography Research Engineer Intern be working on at RippleX?

The Cryptography Research Engineer Intern will be working on the RippleX Research team to help develop applications that move digital value faster and more easily, as well as support the democratization of the digital economy.

What is the goal of RippleX in hiring a Cryptography Research Engineer Intern?

The goal of hiring a Cryptography Research Engineer Intern is to help further the development of blockchain infrastructure that is supported by RippleX and owned by everyone, as well as to empower a community that is democratizing the digital economy.

What expertise is expected from the Cryptography Research Engineer Intern at RippleX?

The Cryptography Research Engineer Intern is expected to have expertise in cryptography research and technology, as well as a passion for making advancements in the digital economy.

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