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  • You must have strong expertise in SSA climate and environmental policies, relevant degree in climate/international policy, excellent English/French communication skills, professional experiences, strong numeracy and analytical skills, computer literacy, understanding of SDGs and global climate context, self-motivated, responsible team player, multicultural sensitivity, willingness to travel.
  • You will conduct in-depth research on policy and market trends in SSA and Iraq, support database development, create presentations, and engage with stakeholders for EBRD's green business expansion.


  • Strong literacy in and understanding of the SSA region in relation to climate and environmental policies, institutional set-up and governance, and business environment, including economic and fiscal policies and climate finance/green investments, as well as technologies.
  • Relevant degree, preferably within the range (and even mix) of climate policy, international policy on sustainable development, engineering or environmental/climate sciences, data analytics, environmental economics or finance, statistics or econometrics, and/or communications or data visualisation on sustainability. Multidisciplinary background is welcomed.
  • Excellent written/oral communication skills in English and French are essential.
  • Preferably with relevant professional experiences, such as from a financial institution, research and/or academic institution or think tank, climate statistics or sciences organisations, advisory services or corporate finance firm.
  • Strong numeracy and analytical skills and attention to numeric details, including ability to interpret data through analytical writing and data visualisation, including infographics.
  • High computer literacy, at minimum proficient with Microsoft Office Package applications, including in-depth experience in Excel and PowerPoint packages. Familiarity with open source web-tools and/or analytical softwares and/or data visualisation software (e.g. Tableau).
  • Ability to produce materials that present data and information to professional standards.
  • Proficiency in using and managing large datasets through research experiences.
  • Strong understanding of the mandate and values of the Bank, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Paris Agreement and global climate and ecological context
  • Self-motivated, ability to work to and meet tight deadlines and to plan and organise work unsupervised in a logical and efficient manner.
  • Ability to communicate appropriate, concise and accurate information in verbal and written formats, considering the target audience.
  • A highly developed sense of responsibility, initiative, and an excellent team player. Eager and open attitude to share and learn information.
  • Ability to operate consistently within business guidelines and ethics and work sensitively in multicultural environments, building effective working relations with clients and colleagues.
  • Experience working in cross-cultural teams and embraces diversity
  • Availability for travel, when business-essential


  • Focused policy and market research related to EBRD’s operational expansion into sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Iraq to inform its future green policy and business development in the region:
  • Developing a research plan together with the line manager, in consultation with the rest of CSD group.
  • Researching market, policy and regulatory trends related to specific thematic areas, technologies and financial instruments in the SSA and Iraq to inform the Bank’s future green business and advisory activities.
  • Contributing to development of internal climate/green analytics database and tools that feed into the Bank’s workstreams related to country/sector diagnostics and strategy development.
  • Supporting with developing analytical pieces and knowledge products for internal and external capacity building and awareness raising, related to the regional expansion into SSA and Iraq and key areas of green activities to explore for the Bank.
  • Creating presentations and other communication materials that effectively present the analysis made to different types of audiences, including to the management and external audiences.
  • Producing effective visualisation of data and supporting to develop strong infographics, and generating effective narratives.
  • Any ad hoc tasks that are related to the above, including deep diving into specific themes/topics and engaging with various internal and external stakeholders under the guidance of senior members of the CSD.


What is the main responsibility of a CSD intern in this position?

The main responsibility of a CSD intern in this position is to support developing internal knowledge products related to the green economy transition in the Sub-Saharan African region and Iraq.

Who would the CSD intern report to in this role?

The CSD intern would report to the Associate Director Head of Green Policy and Climate Analytics.

What kind of research tasks would the CSD intern be involved in?

The CSD intern would contribute to research for policy engagement and business development at the country or regional/sectoral level, working across the CSD team and other departments, as well as engaging with external parties for research purposes.

What type of climate/green analytics work would the CSD intern support in this role?

The CSD intern would support developing climate/green analytics, including working to develop a library of databases and information that contribute to country, regional, and sector analyses, including identifying appropriate indicators and their application to related EBRD activities.

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