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• Starts May 19

Data Science & R&D Internship Summer 2024

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  • The ideal candidate for this Data Science & R&D Internship should have a strong academic background, preferably a Masters or PhD, with demonstrated excellence in computer science or related fields. Collaborative skills, knowledge of Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Mathematics, and Statistics/Modeling are essential for success in this role.
  • The candidate will be responsible for utilizing computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning techniques to explore and visualize data, build and deploy machine learning models for the auto-insurance industry, and apply deep learning to predict car damage and determine repair needs using AI and data insights.

Summer Internship

Research & Development, DataChicago


  • Our program is designed to #CCCJumpstart your career! At CCC, you will work and learn alongside innovative and inspiring leaders and gain valuable technical experience while working on real business solutions in a corporate setting.


  • If you have a Masters, and/or PhD, and have demonstrated excellence in your academic studies, this opportunity is right for you. We are looking for candidates who offer strong collaborative skills and work well with a team. A strong interest in computer science and/or related fields is essential to the success of each intern.
  • If you have knowledge, through coursework or project work, of Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Mathematics, or Statistics/ Modeling, this opportunity is right for you.

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Technology:
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning and Machine Learning
  • Data Exploration, Visualization, Storytelling
  • ETL
  • Building machine learning models and deploying them as products for the auto-insurance industry. This can be done using traditional machine learning or techniques specific to massive unstructured data such as deep learning.
  • Machine learning on structured datasets – starting with data exploration and feasibility tests, design and perform experiments to compare modeling approaches, generate predictions and ensure the solution meets the target metrics specified by business requirements, as well as ensuring scalability of algorithms. Interpret, visualize and communicate results to a general audience.
  • Applying deep learning to claim image data - using photos of damaged cars to predict what parts that need to be replaced, if a car is a total loss or repairable, finding the severity of the damage using AI and data insights. The amount of property, casualty, car photos, and other data that CCC can harness is one of our biggest competitive advantages.


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Part time

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Start date

May 19, 2024