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🚀 Off-cycle Internship


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  • You must be a junior or senior in undergrad or a master’s/PhD candidate, demonstrate coding skills in python/R/SQL, and possess strong communication and organizational abilities to excel in the Digital Transformation/Data Science Student Employee role at EPRI.
  • You will support digital transformation, data science, and robotics research projects by assisting with data analysis, modeling, and research tasks under project manager supervision.

Off-cycle Internship



  • Digital Transformation (DX) is defined as the fundamental business and cultural change utilizing a digital strategy that is applicable to an organization’s value delivery and the way customers experience that value. The power industry has begun a journey of DX to help enable an energy transformation. Effective use of digital technologies in combination with data driven decision making enables measurable impacts on existing power generation and will help inform the energy transformation. This is planned to be done by creating a collaborative cohort focused on people, processes, technology, and data in power generation – integrated with cyber security.
  • As a Digital Transformation/Data Science Student Employee, you will support this effort with a variety of tasks.


  • Students working in the summer semester will typically work at the EPRI Charlotte location. The timeframe is May to August, approximately 12 weeks.
  • Students will take part in the Charlotte office summer student internship program experience.
  • Students who demonstrate exemplary skillsets and learning over the approximately 12-week period may be asked to work part time after the summer semester and/or be invited in subsequent years to extend their exposure to the Energy Sector.
  • Applicants interested in applying for a remote-based position will definitely be considered but may have limited access to some in-person extracurricular opportunities.
  • Relocation assistance is not provided, and the student will be responsible for covering all relocation costs/expenses.


  • The typical digital transformation summer student employee will meet the following criteria:
  • Be in their junior or senior year as an undergraduate or in a graduate school as a master’s or Ph.D. candidate.
  • Demonstrate organizational skills, such as having completed a group engineering design project and/or led school or recreational clubs.
  • Have coding capability in python, R, and/or SQL. C++, HTML, and other standard languages are a plus. A project/repo demonstrating this capability will be requested.
  • Be willing to take on challenges and work with concepts and tasks that are outside of the typical knowledge base.
  • Be a thought leader and offer suggestions, ideas, and alternatives, especially around new techniques and technologies.
  • Be willing to work with other summer student employees to exchange knowledge, answer questions, and learn best practices.
  • Must be willing to communicate proactively, ask questions, and learn from technical mentors, engineers, and managers at EPRI.
  • Minimum Qualifications:
  • Junior or Senior undergraduate or in graduate school as a master’s or Ph.D. candidate.
  • Typical major include, but are not limited to: Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Science, or Data Science.

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  • Potential Projects:
  • Support of Digital Transformation (DX) efforts: wiki site, literature search, and stakeholder meetings.
  • Support of data science efforts: data cleaning/labeling, exploratory data analysis, data modeling, and dashboard as is related to large language models, computer/machine vision, and timeseries.
  • Support of robotics research: literature search, code creation, and field demo logistics.
  • And other related duties as assigned.
  • All of the above tasks are to be performed under the supervision of the project manager.


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