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EMT Modeling and Analysis with Inverter - Based DERs Summer Student Engineer

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  • You must have a Bachelor’s in Electrical/Computer Engineering, 2 years of PhD studies, expertise in inverter modeling, control development, EMT model development in PSCAD, solar PV/storage inverter experience, distribution system analysis skills, and strong technical writing abilities.
  • You will develop, validate, and analyze EMT models for inverter-based DERs, evaluate fault ride-through behavior, and conduct simulations to assess their impact on power system stability and quality.

Summer Internship



  • This is an internship position for a student to support R&D projects related to developing EMT simulation models of inverter-based distributed energy resources (DERs), model validation against commercial inverters, and performing distribution system studies with grid-forming and grid-following DERs. Looking for students who can work in Summer(May-Aug) 2024.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering required
  • 2 years of PhD studies (preferred)
  • Ideal Candidate:
  • Electrical engineering PhD student with an emphasis on inverter modeling, control development, and power system simulations with inverter-based DERs
  • Strong experience with EMT model development in PSCAD is a must
  • Familiarity with solar PV and/or storage inverter control and modeling
  • Experience with distribution system analysis is a plus
  • Strong technical writing skills

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  • Develop EMT models in PSCAD for three-phase grid-following and/or grid-forming inverter-based DERs
  • Parameterize and validate the EMT models against commercial inverters
  • Evaluate fault ride-through behavior of the EMT models with different current-limiting approaches and compare their performance
  • Use the models to conduct PSCAD simulations and evaluate the impact of grid-forming DERs on power system stability, power quality, and protection, in both microgrid and grid-connected scenarios


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