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  • The candidate must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree course, have the right to work in the UK, possess excellent written and oral skills in English, and show a strong interest in experimental measurements and understanding condensed matter physics/chemistry. Desirable qualities include the ability to interpret and assess data, experience with collecting and processing experimental data, and familiarity with Python programming language.
  • The candidate will be responsible for mastering the operation of a diamond anvil cell, devising a comparative protocol, conducting systematic investigations of pressure media, and presenting findings to the team.

Placement Program

Research & Development, Science


Apply by Oct 29


  • ISIS has an established research programme understanding the atomic and magnetic structural changes found in inorganic materials under elevated pressures. Pressure, as a thermodynamic variable, can be used to induce or tune many captivating material properties. However, there is an important distinction between hydrostatic (‘equilibrium’) pressure, and uniaxial (‘deviatoric’) stress. Many materials are affected by both, but each may lead to very different observations.
  • Diamond anvil cells (DAC) are now used to reach pressures exceeding 500,000x atmospheric pressure! Even a low level of non-hydrostaticity at these conditions (~0.5%) can lead to considerable uniaxial stresses exceeding ~1,000x atmospheric pressure. This presents one of the major challenges in performing measurements under these conditions; how does one achieve optimal hydrostaticity?
  • This project will train the student in the use a combination of ruby fluorescence measurements and X-ray/neutron diffraction to better characterise the pressure conditions achieved within a DAC. The variable of interest is the working fluid that the sample is loaded within (known as the ‘pressure transmitting medium’). 
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  • Essential:
  • Currently enrolled on an undergraduate degree course
  • Are required or have requested to take an industrial placement year
  • Able to commence employment in summer 2024
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK for the duration of the placement
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English
  • Working towards a degree in a physics, materials science, chemistry or another related subject
  • Potential to work both collaboratively and independently
  • A strong interest in experimental measurements
  • A strong interest in understanding condensed matter physics/chemistry
  • Desirable:
  • Ability to interpret and critically assess data
  • Experience with collection and processing of experimental data
  • Experience with Python programming language
  • Please note we can only accept a maximum of 2 applications per candidate.
  • Part of our application process involves submitting your CV and a cover letter. Your cover letter should address your suitability for the opportunity based on how you meet each essential criteria stated in this advert.
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Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Learn how to operate a diamond anvil cell (DAC).
  • Craft a protocol to compare different pressure conditions.
  • Systematically investigate a number of promising pressure media.
  • Present results at a group meeting.
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Work type

Full time

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Application deadline

Oct 29, 2023




21600 GBP

Apply by Oct 29