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Summer 2024 - Intern, Reshaping Prosecution

ūüöÄ Off-cycle Internship

Washington, DC

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  • Candidate must have interest in the criminal legal system, ability to work with various stakeholders, preferred education in related field or equivalent work experience, lived experience with criminal legal system, strong interest in racial justice advocacy, strong organizational skills, proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and Canva.
  • The candidate will support the Reshaping Prosecution Initiative by expanding and supporting stakeholder networks, creating resources for partners, providing programmatic and administrative support, liaising with partners and funders, conducting research on prosecutors' role in addressing racial disparities, drafting written content, contributing to reports and publications, conducting research on prosecutor offices nationwide, and identifying key issues stakeholders advocate for in specific counties/states.

Off-cycle Internship

Legal‚ÄĘWashington, DC


  • The Reshaping Prosecution Program is dedicated to transforming what it means to be a prosecutor by focusing on the dignity of all people impacted by the criminal justice system. Prosecutors play a critical, but often hidden, role in mass incarceration as one of the most powerful actors in the criminal justice system. They decide who to charge with a crime, what crime to charge, whether to detain someone in jail pending trial, and what sentence to recommend if there is a conviction. Yet, despite this immense power, prosecutors have largely not been the focus of criminal justice reform efforts until recently. Our team helps prosecutors across the country work to end mass incarceration, pursue racial equity, and be more transparent with the communities they serve.
  • This position will focus on Reshaping Prosecutions projects including technical assistance to District Attorney offices and community-based organizations across the country. The Reshaping Prosecution intern will learn how to conduct community and policy landscape research, develop community outreach strategies, manage advocacy efforts, and draft written content for a wide audience


  • Interest in the criminal legal system;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with advocates, government officials, criminal legal system personnel, practitioners, and people who are directly impacted by the criminal legal system.
  • Preferred:
  • Education in public policy, social work, political science, criminal justice, or related field; or equivalent work experience.
  • Lived experience as a person directly impacted by the criminal legal system.
  • Strong interest in racial justice advocacy.
  • Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities you'll bring:
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Proficient with Canva.
  • Technical knowledge we need you to be prepared to use:
  • Microsoft Office Suite

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  • Expand and support our network of stakeholders and partners in their racial equity-focused reforms.
  • Create resources and tools for current and previous partners to stay in contact and share updates.
  • Creating a database to contain information in an easily digestible way.
  • Provide programmatic and administrative support to the Reshaping Prosecution Initiative.
  • Help to liaise with site and community partners and project funders.
  • Support logistics for external meetings.
  • Provide guidance and thought partnership related to advocacy and community outreach.
  • Researching websites for contact information
  • Research websites for platforms and policies of various government officials, criminal justice organizations, grassroots organizations.
  • Draft written content for newsletters, guides, memos, talking points, etc., about prosecutors‚Äô role in addressing racial disparities.
  • Contribute research and content for site-based memos and reports, public-facing publications, and blog posts.
  • Support project proposal drafting and submission processes.
  • Keep the team up to date on the latest news, literature, trends and elections impacting prosecution reform by conducting research.
  • Researching periodicals, social media, etc. for advocacy-related materials
  • Conducting desk and qualitative research to learn more about prosecutor offices across the country.
  • Conduct landscape analysis regarding community-based organizations, District Attorney offices, organizations that provide restorative justice and diversion programs, etc.
  • Creating power analysis maps.
  • Identifying key issues stakeholders advocate and work on within specific counties/states.


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Full time

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Washington, DC