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Game Designer Intern

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Rolling basis


  • You will level up your creativity and shape mesmerising gaming experiences that ignite players' imaginations. Harness your ingenuity to craft intricate narratives, dynamic gameplay mechanics, and visually stunning worlds that transport gamers. Collaborate closely with our design team to weave together innovative concepts, deliverable features and adventurous functionality. Your unique perspective and passion for games will fuel your journey as you contribute to the creation of extraordinary interactive adventures.
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Area of Responsibilities



  • Collaborate with the game design team to brainstorm, develop, and refine innovative game concepts and mechanics.
  • Create and iterate on detailed game documentation, including game design documents, level layouts, and player progression systems.
  • Conduct play testing sessions to gather valuable feedback and insights, ensuring gameplay is engaging, balanced, and enjoyable.
  • Assist in the implementation and fine-tuning of game features using industry-standard game development tools.
  • Stay up to date with the latest gaming trends, mechanics, and player preferences, leveraging this knowledge to enhance game design and player experiences.
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  • A recent graduate or currently enrolled in a game-related development or design university program.
  • Passion for gaming and a deep understanding of different game genres and player motivations.
  • Strong creative and storytelling abilities, with the capacity to craft engaging gameplay experiences.
  • Understanding of game design tools such as Unity, Unreal Engine, or similar software.
  • Enthusiasm to learn and grow in a dynamic and fast-paced gaming environment, embracing challenges and pushing the boundaries of game design.
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Education requirements

Currently Studying


  • Learn from best-in-class design enthusiasts, pixel art aficionados, nostalgic gamers, world builders, anti-conformists, vaporwave fanatics, video game historians, lore masters, speed runners, easter egg hunters, modders, code wizards, database gurus, and hackers.
  • Competitive compensation and perks
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