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29d ago

🚀 Off-cycle Internship

Los Angeles

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  • Candidate must have strong coding skills in C++, Python, or TensorFlow/Torch, solid knowledge in math, good communication, responsibility, be a graduate student with publications in relevant fields, and familiarity with game engine and graphics APIs.
  • The candidate will research and develop advanced techniques like 3D geometric learning, physically-based animation, and machine learning for computer graphics. They will also work on tools and pipelines to support game development using these technologies.

Off-cycle Internship

Software EngineeringLos Angeles


  • Strong coding skills in one of following programming languages: C++, python, TensorFlow/Torch
  • Solid knowledge in calculus, linear algebra, basic numerical analysis
  • A strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills
  • Plus
  • Graduate students in a master or Ph.D. level program
  • Publications on computer graphics/vision, machine learning, and robotics
  • Familiarity with game engine, graphics APIs, and GPU programming

Education requirements

Currently Studying

Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • Working with scientists to research and develop advanced techniques in the following topics:
  • 3D geometric learning,
  • Re-meshing and UV optimization,
  • Physically-based animation and simulation
  • Machine learning for computer graphics
  • Motion planning in virtual city
  • Character locomotion and control
  • Realistic image synthesis and real-time rendering techniques
  • Researching and developing tools and pipelines to facilitate the use of technologies in the game development environment


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Full time

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Los Angeles