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Game Writer Intern

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Rolling basis


  • You hold the key to crafting extraordinary storytelling adventures that will transport players to breathtaking realms of wonder. Your boundless creativity will weave enchanting narratives and breathe life into characters, leaving players spellbound and yearning for more. Collaborating closely with our design team, you will forge immersive worlds teeming with secrets to uncover, challenges to conquer, and destinies to fulfil. Together, we will forge deep, rich, unforgettable experiences that resonate with gamers, leaving an indelible mark on our player community.
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Area of Responsibilities

Creative Arts & Fashion


  • Collaborate with the game design team to develop captivating storylines, plot twists, and compelling dialogue that align with the game's genre and target audience.
  • Craft engaging and dynamic character arcs, backstories, and motivations that resonate with players and enhance their emotional connection to the game world.
  • Create intriguing quests, missions, and branching narratives that challenge players, provide meaningful choices, and drive the game's progression.
  • Work closely with the art and audio teams to ensure seamless integration of narrative elements, including cutscenes, voiceovers, and environmental storytelling.
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  • A recent graduate or currently enrolled in a game-related development or design university program.
  • Passion for storytelling, with a deep appreciation for interactive narrative experiences in video games.
  • Strong creative writing skills, including the ability to craft engaging dialogue, compelling narratives, and memorable characters.
  • Passionate about gaming!
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Education requirements

Currently Studying


  • Learn from best-in-class design enthusiasts, pixel art aficionados, nostalgic gamers, world builders, anti-conformists, vaporwave fanatics, video game historians, lore masters, speed runners, easter egg hunters, modders, code wizards, database gurus, and hackers.
  • Competitive compensation and perks
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