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  • The ideal candidate for the Gemini Experimental Scientist Industrial Placement should be enrolled in an undergraduate degree, have a strong background in physics, including A-levels in Maths and Physics, and possess practical experience in experimental laboratory work. Desirable qualities include knowledge of computing, experience in technical equipment design, and previous work in a research laboratory. Effective communication, problem-solving skills, and a responsible approach to health and safety are also required.
  • The Gemini Experimental Scientist Industrial Placement will involve working with laser-plasma scientists on experimental delivery and facility development projects, including tasks such as experimental planning, procurement, preparing diagnostics, setting up experiments, running diagnostics, analyzing data, and contributing to the design, construction, and testing of hardware and software. The candidate will have autonomy and be expected to work independently, demonstrating a responsible approach to health and safety, while also collaborating effectively with the team.

Placement Program

Research & Development, Science


Apply by Oct 29


  • Based in the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Gemini is a high intensity laser system that can generate extreme conditions of matter, comparable to the centre of a star. Researchers from the UK, EU, and around the world come to use Gemini to carry out a wide range of cutting-edge experiments studying the physics of intense laser-plasma interactions. Our research program supports a wide range of fundamental physics exploring relativistic plasmas, from laboratory astrophysics to quantum electro-dynamics.
  • Gemini is also one of the preeminent centres in the world for research in plasma accelerators – a new technology that promises to shrink the size of large-scale accelerators. Using Gemini, we explore advanced imaging applications of plasma accelerator-based novel radiation sources in medicine, material science and industrial inspection. Based on the proof of principle experiments done in Gemini, CLF is currently building a £100M facility, the Extreme Photonics Applications Centre (EPAC) to exploit the applications of plasma accelerators.
  • As one of the most powerful laser facilities in the world, Gemini is under continuous development, some of which underpin EPAC. We are looking for a motivated placement student to join our team who enjoys applying practical experimental skills to exciting scientific challenges.
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  • Essential:
  • Currently be enrolled on an undergraduate degree course
  • Be required or have requested to take a placement year
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK for the duration of the placement
  • First two years of degree course in physics, or a closely related subject, with grades corresponding to a 2:1 or higher.
  • A-level Maths or equivalent
  • A-level Physics or equivalent
  • Desirable:
  • A-level Computing or Further Maths
  • Knowledge, skills and experience:
  • Essential:
  • Good understanding of fundamental physics concepts (electromagnetism, lasers, optics)
  • Undergraduate experimental laboratory course (or similar practical experience)
  • Desirable:
  • Computer programming experience (e.g. MATLAB, Python)
  • Experience in the design and building of technical equipment, e.g. robotics, electronics, or anything mechanical
  • Experience working in a research laboratory environment
  • Personal skills, qualities and attributes:
  • Essential:
  • Effective communication skills
  • Able to work effectively both in a team and independently
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Responsible approach to Health and Safety
  • Special requirements:
  • Note: Working in a high-power laser laboratory is not physically demanding, but does have certain practical requirements: adequate vision in both eyes (with the aid of prescription glasses if required); being able to hear other team members so you are aware of hazards, standing for extended periods, and able to wearing PPE (laser goggles, gloves, mask etc). We encourage you to please speak to us about any adjustments you may require.
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Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • The successful applicant will join the Gemini experimental delivery team, a small group of experienced laser-plasma scientists. Previous experience working with lasers and optics is desirable, but not essential. Initially, you will work closely with experienced team members to learn key skills and techniques before being expected to work more independently and direct your own work. However, undergraduate experience (or equivalent) in a laboratory setting is assumed, and a basic understanding of the theory that underpins our work, i.e. lasers, optics and electromagnetic theory, is essential. The ideal applicant would be able to demonstrate an interest or knowledge of these topics beyond an undergraduate level, knowledge of plasma physics would be beneficial.
  • Our team works primarily to facilitate experiments using the Gemini laser, as well as working on facility development projects to enhance the quality of the research conducted here. As such, the roles taken on by placement students are varied, and exact duties can be tailored to suit your particular interests and capabilities.
  • Facility delivery consists of support tasks such as experimental planning, procurement, and preparing diagnostics, as well as working on the experiments themselves, i.e. helping with the set-up, running diagnostics, and analysing data. This constitutes a genuine contribution to new research; our previous students have been credited as co-authors on journal articles and many have gone on to PhD studies with user groups that they worked with while at Gemini.
  • Facility development projects generally involve design, construction and testing of hardware and/or software to enhance the quality of the research carried out at the CLF. You would be fully encouraged to contribute your own ideas for projects corresponding to your own skills and interests. Any experience in the design or building of technical equipment would be beneficial, but not critical, as we do enjoy a high level of engineering and technical support. The ability to keep accurate records, and clearly and concisely communicate ideas and results to the group is essential.
  • Students are generally given a large amount of autonomy, so drive and enthusiasm is essential. Candidates should be self-motivated, with good time management and task prioritisation skills. The ability to work effectively in a team is also required because all projects require contributions from multiple individuals with different areas of expertise.
  • A high-power laser laboratory is a hazardous environment with a real risk of serious, life changing injury, so a responsible approach to health and safety is imperative. Experience working in such environments is desirable, but not essential, as full safety training will be given.
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Work type

Full time

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Application deadline

Oct 29, 2023




21600 GBP

Apply by Oct 29