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Graduate Summer Intern - Quantum Computing Readiness

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  • You must be a current or recent graduate with a strong background in quantum computing, proficiency in linear algebra, experience with quantum algorithms and programming, and an interest in renewable energy technologies.
  • You will evaluate quantum benchmarks, collaborate on benchmark development, analyze algorithm complexity, engage with research community, and contribute to publications and presentations on quantum computing readiness for NREL.

Summer Internship

Software EngineeringGolden


  • The Complex Systems Simulation and Optimization Group in the NREL Computational Science Center has an opening for a full-time summer intern with a background in quantum computing and quantum information to enable the evaluation of quantum computing architectures, hardware and software and ensure the readiness of NREL to rapidly take advantage of emerging technology that can be applied to NREL’s mission. The ideal candidate will have a background in physics, mathematics, or computer science and will have hands-on experience in constructing and running NISQ algorithms on either emulated or real quantum hardware.
  • The primary aim of this internship is in surveying the evolving field of current quantum computation benchmarks for noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) processors and identification of metrics relevant to NREL’s quantum computation readiness mission. Additionally, this role may involve instantiating and prototyping hardware-aware algorithmic techniques to further understand the nature of NISQ-era benchmarks and their relevance within an applications-based evaluation of quantum computation.
  • Three principal areas are currently being investigated including error mitigation on NISQ processors, stochastic optimization problems that arise in energy systems, and quantum materials simulation. We are looking for a dynamic, motivated researcher with a strong technical background and interest in the mission of NREL. The successful candidate will collaborate with partners including NREL staff and researchers, other national laboratory staff, university researchers, and corporate partners to identify, configure, design, implement and execute quantum computing benchmarks that contribute to the advancement of our knowledge regarding the above areas.


  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in a Bachelor's, Master's or PhD degree program, or graduated in the past 12 months from an accredited institution. Candidates who have earned a degree may work for a period not to exceed 12 months. Must have a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.
  • Additional Required Qualifications:
  • Thorough facility with the linear algebra underlying quantum computing solutions.
  • Knowledge of "standard" quantum computing algorithms such as QAOA and VQE and “standard” benchmarks such as Quantum Volume and Q-Score.
  • Experience with programming quantum circuits on NISQ APIs, from mathematical formulation to running jobs on real and/or emulated quantum computers.
  • Strong writing, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience and supporting background in constructing and running NISQ-benchmarks on either emulated or real quantum hardware.
  • Background including computer science, computational complexity theory, and/or quantum engineering.
  • Experience with running quantum benchmarks on real or emulated hardware.
  • An interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies; wind, solar, vehicles, biomass, hydrogen, buildings, and electric grid technologies.

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Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering


  • Benchmark Evaluation: Assess the utility of current quantum benchmarks and estimate the impact of system-level fidelity metrics as they apply to holistic application-level benchmarks.
  • Benchmark Collaboration: Collaborate with NREL staff and partners on the development and execution of benchmarks to understand the readiness of quantum computing for NREL mission especially in the areas of stochastic optimization and quantum material simulation.
  • Resource translation: Evaluate the time and space complexity of quantum algorithms in the presence and absence of noise in comparison to classical resources.
  • Community development: Engage with and educate the clean energy research community through consultations, meetups, and groups to identify opportunities for quantum computing to accelerate research.
  • Publications and presentations: Author, present and assist in the preparation of technical papers, reports, and conference proceedings on the above topics.

Application process

  • You will need to upload official or unofficial school transcripts as part of the application process.
  • If selected for position, a letter of recommendation will be required as part of the hiring process.


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Full time

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42700 - 68300 USD