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Hydrogen and Catalysis Method Developer Industrial Placement

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  • Currently enrolled undergraduate in chemistry or natural sciences, with practical lab skills, understanding of lab safety, problem-solving ability, experience analyzing scientific data, and preferably experience with reactive gases and characterizing porous materials.
  • The candidate will conduct research on methane oxidation using catalysts, characterizing them with various techniques, assisting ISIS users in the Support Labs, and potentially participating in outreach projects.

Placement Program

Research & Development, Science



Apply by Oct 29


  • The student will investigate the catalytic single-step partial oxidation of methane with water, with the aim to prevent over-oxidation to CO2. The proposed route uses Cu and Fe-containing zeolites to mimic the methane mono-oxygenase enzyme found in nature. 
  • The pore structure of a zeolite provides an incredible surface area, but the aspect ratio of the pores and the variation in particle size and morphology make it difficult to separate the effects of bulk flow, macro, meso and micro porosity on diffusion by many means. Conventional characterisation techniques will assess the feasibility of a continuous methane oxidation with water. These strands will be combined to determine the characteristics need for an effective catalyst and hopefully design an optimised reaction.
  • In this role, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop a range of techniques including BET, DSC, TGA, Mass Spectrometry, Temperature program methods. Some of the techniques development will bring new techniques to ISIS and enable support of a wider range of more complex science in the future. Alongside this project work, the student will support User experimentation within the Hydrogen and Catalysis Lab and have an opportunity to be involved in ISIS neutron experiments.
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  • Essential:
  • Currently enrolled on an undergraduate degree course
  • Are required or have requested to take an industrial placement year
  • Able to commence employment in summer 2024
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK for the duration of the placement
  • Enrolled in a degree in Chemistry, Natural sciences or other science area
  • Broad range of practical laboratory skills and analytical techniques
  • Demonstrable understanding of laboratory safety
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Experience analysing scientific data.
  • Desirable:
  • Experience in safe handling of reactive gases
  • Previous use of BET, TGA, Mass Spectrometry, or other methods for the characterisation of porous materials
  • Demonstrable experience in experimental design and planning.
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Education requirements

Currently Studying

Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Conduct novel research into oxidation of methane with catalysts
  • Use a wide range of techniques to characterise the catalyst and products
  • Support ISIS users using instrumentation in the Support Labs
  • Opportunities to be involved in outreach projects.
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Work type

Full time

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Application deadline

Oct 29, 2023




21600 GBP

Apply by Oct 29