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AI generated summary

  • Penultimate year Computer Science or Information Engineering student with strong proficiency in Java or C and other languages. Deep interest in low level programming, creative problem solver, self-motivated, and able to seek assistance when needed.
  • The candidate will work on various projects, collaborating with different team members, and have the opportunity to see their work in production. Examples of projects include FPGA and software development, machine learning, organizing coding competitions, and enhancing existing solutions.


  • In your penultimate year of a Computer Science, Information Engineering, or similar degree (one year placements may need to apply sooner)
  • Highly proficient in Java or C, and likely a few other languages
  • Deeply interested in low level programming
  • A creative thinker who loves tackling complex issues
  • A self-starter who values seeing projects through from start to finish
  • Able to ask for help when you need it


  • Intern projects will vary in terms of length and scope, but you can expect to work on at least 3 separate projects with different members of the team during your placement. We will offer you a few options for things you can work on during your time with us so you can decide what to get up to. Additionally, we’re open to hearing your ideas. If you have been working on something you think could add value at Arctic Lake, let us know and we might be able to provide the opportunity to continue your personal or academic project under our supervision.
  • Arctic Lake interns often have the unique experience of watching their work go into production, so you will have opportunities to see your projects have a direct and lasting impact on the company.
  • Examples of Intern projects include:
  • FPGA and Ultra Low Latency software
  • Machine Learning for market risk modelling
  • Software Defined Networks and network level ‘Kill Switch’
  • Organise and create infrastructure for coding competition
  • Development projects around our existing solutions and operations

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Mission & Purpose

Arctic Lake specialise in cybersecurity and risk management solutions. They offer a range of services and technologies to help businesses assess, manage, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Arctic Lake's ultimate mission is to protect organisations from cyber threats and help them build robust security strategies. Their purpose is to provide cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and expertise that enable businesses to proactively identify vulnerabilities, respond to incidents, and safeguard their digital assets and sensitive information. Arctic Lake aims to be a trusted partner, offering comprehensive risk assessments, threat intelligence, and incident response services to help businesses stay resilient in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.