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  • In Innovation and Advanced Algorithms team in Qualcomm, Cambridge, we are working towards building asset tracking solutions for logistics use cases. In that scope, our current focus is on tracking asset (a pallet, reusable plastic container (RPC) or boxes) during transportation. A particular interest is to identify assets transition in and out of vehicles. Ability to track extraction and/or re-enter from the vehicle (van or trailer), while hitting the required accuracy and power consumption savings, will be a benefit to the overall system.
  • Qualcomm solution makes use of a variety of trackers attached to assets. Vehicles are fitted with access points or gateways, periodically communicating status of trackers to a management entity hosted on a cloud infrastructure.
  • Since, the battery capacity on these trackers is limited, waking them on ”need to process” basis is inherent part of Qualcomm’s solution. To further optimize this strategy and improve other business KPIs related to tracking, we plan to extend our decision process through the usage of on-board telematic data available for a vehicle. The purpose of the engagement is to build an add-on system supporting both capture and exploitation of such information.
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Area of Responsibilities



The scope of this 3-months internship will be for the candidate to

  • Analyse different data available from on-boarded Vehicular Telematic, implement algorithms to derive attributes of interest and pertinent communication systems, supplying information to trackers (BLE based).
  • Explore mechanism to fetch this data from C2C edge components/API to feedback into Qualcomm’s existing solution.
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  • References to a particular number of years experience are for indicative purposes only. Applications from candidates with equivalent experience will be considered, provided that the candidate can demonstrate an ability to fulfill the principal duties of the role and possesses the required competencies.
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