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Innovation Intern (Graduate Student) - Atlanta, GA

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1mo ago

🚀 Off-cycle Internship


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  • You must be a current MBA student who is curious, communicates effectively, manages time well, and can improve workflow processes.
  • You will analyze digital water trends, build technology partnerships, assist with go-to-market strategy, research regulatory landscapes, and develop expert analysis for innovation in smart infrastructure solutions.

Off-cycle Internship

Research & Development, ConsultingAtlanta


  • The Water Innovation Intern will assist in building the organization’s functional capability in exploring new products and solutions across water markets. This role will be focused on gathering, organizing, analyzing, and disseminating data, insights, and information around key water initiatives for the organization. 


  • Currently pursuing an MBA degree.
  • Information Seeking – Driven by an underlying curiosity and desire to know more about things, people, or issues. This involves going beyond routine questions and includes digging or pressing for exact information; resolving discrepancies by asking a series of questions; or conducting less-focused environmental scanning for opportunities or miscellaneous information that may be used in the future.
  • Communicating – Provide the information required by others in a concise, direct, and unambiguous way; strive to ensure that the receiver clearly understands the specifics of their message and they are able to listen to, receive, and understand messages conveyed by others.
  • Time Management – Focus on completing all work tasks in a timely manner, while remaining responsive enough to react to competing demands and shifting priorities; manage multiple responsibilities while staying organized and keeping on top of the important time-sensitive tasks and performing all work accurately.
  • Process Management – Take a systematic approach in contributing to making the company's workflow more effective, efficient, and capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.

Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development


  • Digital Water Solutions:
  • Analyze customer, competitor, and technology trends across digital water landscape and provide a synthesis.
  • Build portfolio of technology companies working across water segments and make connections for potential partnerships.
  • Go to Market Strategy:
  • Assist product management and marketing teams with refining go to market strategy, including commercial and customer interviews.
  • Analyze pricing information to support commercial activities within Smart Infrastructure Solutions.
  • Research Legislative, Regulatory & Disruptive Technology:
  • Research and map regulatory landscape for digital water solutions across federal, state, and local regulatory bodies.
  • Create ad-hoc reports on discrete market events, develop ‘expert network’ for input & analysis; work to analyze and deepen understanding of ‘edge’ opportunities.


Work type

Full time

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