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Intern, AI Operations

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  • You must be a Bachelor's degree student with strong AI skills, programming experience, and ability to work independently and efficiently. AI concepts, ML frameworks, and data analysis knowledge are essential.
  • You will work on AI projects, analyze use cases, create guides for ChatGPT, develop GPTs for general use cases, refine prompts for accurate outcomes, and set a standard for AI excellence within the company.

Off-cycle Internship



  • The AI Ops Intern will support the VP of Process Optimization and Technology Adoption. They will embark on a journey to enhance the utilization of AI technologies, particularly focusing on optimizing defined operations through innovative AI use cases. This role is tailored for an individual eager to dive deep into the exploration of AI applications within the company, identifying potential use case ideas, and drawing connections between them to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. The intern will be at the forefront of crafting comprehensive how-to guides tailored for different functional areas within Spirent, ensuring responsible adoption of ChatGPT and similar AI tools across the organization. This position is a unique blend of technical acumen, creativity, and strategic thinking, aiming to leverage AI seamlessly within Spirent's operational fabric.


  • Enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program from an accredited university.
  • Excellent communication and organization skills.
  • Self-discipline and ability to complete tasks without constant oversight.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a keen eye for identifying process improvement opportunities.
  • Demonstrated understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts.
  • Practical experience with AI technologies, especially in developing, deploying, and managing AI models.
  • Familiarity with AI prompting techniques and experience in refining prompts to optimize outcomes.
  • Proficiency in programming languages relevant to AI and machine learning, such as Python.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Understanding of data analysis.
  • Understanding of requirements gathering.
  • Knowledge of machine learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch) is a plus.

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  • In this role, the AI Ops Intern will be tasked with a project related to how Spirent leverages AI technology. By reviewing AI use case ideas, the intern will not only identify but also unify similar concepts to foster best practices to improve individual productivity. A significant part of their responsibility includes the creation of detailed how-to guides for using ChatGPT effectively, tailored specifically by functional area to ensure maximum accessibility and impact. Furthermore, the intern will develop GPTs for general use cases, such as a Help Desk GPT designed to address basic IT queries, serving as a proof of concept for broader AI applications without needing intricate knowledge of Spirent’s operations. This role demands a keen understanding of AI prompting techniques and the ability to refine these prompts meticulously to extract the most accurate and useful outcomes, setting a standard for AI excellence within the company.


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