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Intern, Airport Customer Service (ACS) - Salt Lake City, Fall 2024

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    Off-cycle Internship
  • Business, Operations & Strategy
    Customer Relations
  • Salt Lake City

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  • You must be enrolled in an aviation management program, have strong data analysis skills, be proficient in Microsoft Office, possess excellent communication abilities, prioritize safety, and have a SIDA badge for SLC. Embrace diversity and have project management experience for a competitive edge.
  • You will support various airport departments, collaborate with external partners, drive operational performance, attend safety meetings, and enjoy travel perks.


  • What You Need To Succeed (Minimum Qualifications):
  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program with an aviation management discipline.
  • Have a competitive GPA and good academic standing with your university.
  • Should aspire to work in the field of Aviation or Airline Management.
  • Demonstrate competency in skills that include, but are not limited to, collection and analysis of data, reading and summarizing new regulations, and the ability to problem solve quickly.
  • Must have working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Access, Word, Excel, Forms, PowerPoint, & Smartsheet.
  • Possess excellent communication skills, be able to process complicated issues quickly, and maintain confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information.
  • Be able to acquire a SIDA badge for SLC, including a U.S. Customs seal and SLC driving endorsement and pass Delta’s Physical Agility Test (PAT) to complete essential physical ramp functions.
  • Consistently prioritizes safety and security of self, others, and personal data.
  • Embraces a diverse set of people, thinking and styles.
  • Possesses a high school diploma, GED, or high school equivalency.
  • Is at least 18 years of age and has authorization to work in the United States.
  • What Will Give You A Competitive Edge (Preferred Qualifications):
  • Is a self-starter, has the ability to multitask, and is an innovative thinker.
  • Is actively engaged with the community and/or student organizations, primarily if aviation-focused
  • Possesses Project Management experience or similar academic immersion


  • Above Wing (AW): this department consists of the ticket counter, gate areas, baggage service office (BSO), and all terminal level customer-facing functions.
  • Below Wing (BW): this department consists of all ramp functions (loading/unloading, aircraft arrival/departure), bag room, reroute, and baggage transfer operations.
  • Airport Coordination Center (ACC): this department consists of central hub operations, including gate and zone control, ramp movement areas, deicing, and aircraft tow team, and is a central resource for hub activities
  • As an intern at Delta, you'll get the chance to learn about various departments such as Flight Safety, Operations Customer Center, Technical Operations, and In-Flight Service. You'll also have the opportunity to work with external business partners like TSA, DOT, aircraft cleaning vendors, fueling vendors, and the Salt Lake City Department of Aviation. Your work will involve collaborating with a specific Delta team and working with multiple departments within the hub. You'll also participate in Incident Analysis reports, Injury Prevention Group sessions, and attend station safety meetings. Your main tasks will be to help drive operational performance, such as on-time departures, hot bag and clean cart compliance and engage in employee recognition events.
  • And that's not all - you'll be paid for your internship! You'll also get additional privileges such as standby travel anywhere in the Delta system while off duty, eligibility for the Propel Pilot Career Path Program, Career Development, and Volunteer Community Service opportunities.


What departments within Delta's Airport Customer Service (ACS) will the intern have the opportunity to work with?

The intern will have the opportunity to work with departments such as Above Wing (AW), Below Wing (BW), and the Airport Coordination Center (ACC) within Delta's Airport Customer Service (ACS).

What are the minimum qualifications needed to succeed in this intern position?

The minimum qualifications include being enrolled in an undergraduate degree program with an aviation management discipline, having a competitive GPA, demonstrating competency in data analysis and problem-solving, possessing working knowledge of Microsoft programs, and being able to acquire a SIDA badge for the Salt Lake City airport, among other requirements.

What additional privileges will the intern receive during the internship?

The intern will receive additional privileges such as standby travel anywhere in the Delta system while off duty, eligibility for the Propel Pilot Career Path Program, Career Development opportunities, and Volunteer Community Service opportunities.

What preferred qualifications will give an intern a competitive edge when applying for this position?

Preferred qualifications include being a self-starter, having the ability to multitask and think innovatively, being actively engaged with the community or student organizations, and possessing Project Management experience or a similar academic immersion.

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