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Intern- Data Needs Analysis - 12 Weeks Fixed Term

🚀 Off-cycle
💻 Remote
🤑 £19K
Apply by May 29


  • Data is becoming increasingly important in decision making across all functions, and ensuring minimum levels of data literacy within the organisation ensures that everyone is able work with data effectively and make better data driven decisions, develop fit for purpose data governance policies and follow best practice in data management. 
  • This internship will work across business functions to develop an evidence-based training plan to support Emerald’s data literacy journey. The successful candidate will gain hands on experience in creating, administering and analysing the plan which will have a real, ongoing impact on the business. 
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Area of Responsibilities



  • Consult with functions to define what ‘data literacy’ means to Emerald, gaining a clear understanding of what skills, knowledge, and behaviours are needed to be considered data literate. 
  • Create a multi-media assessment framework to measure the attributes identified 
  • Administer the assessment using appropriate business tools 
  • Analyse the results of the assessment to inform traijing efforts 
  • Develop a training plan which will include specific training activities, resources and materials.  
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  •  Data analysis skills: Understanding concepts, techniques and tools to interpret and analyse data.
  •  Data visualisation skills: Creating visually appealing and informative graphs, charts, and dashboards to communicate data insights.
  • Problem-solving skills: Identifying and solving problems related to data quality, data management, and data analysis
  • Excellent communication skills
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