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• Starts Jun 16

Intern - Employer Value Proposition

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San Diego

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Off-cycle Internship

People, HR & AdministrationSan Diego


  • Maravai LifeSciences is seeking a #MiracleMaker to join our Human Resources team as an Employer Value Preposition Intern. In this role you will have the opportunity to help identify and define what makes Maravai who we are and help to showcase our "Why". Why we do what we do and who we do it for.


  • Must be pursuing an undergraduate degree, currently in the Junior year or first semester of senior year. Areas of study might be Sociology, Marketing, Human Resources, or Communications. More important than your areas of study is your ability to elucidate and create communications that resonate.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint are required

Education requirements

Currently Studying

Area of Responsibilities

People, HR & Administration


  • Project 1: Why do people come work for us and why do they stay? We aim to articulate that through a great Employee Value Proposition. As an Employer Value Proposition intern you will dig into what Maravai Life Sciences and its portfolio of companies currently offer in terms of benefits, compensation, culture and more. Is there an over-arching value proposition for our portfolio of companies? Are there different set (or subsets) of EVPs? We aim to use the work you complete this summer to help us refining our messaging about how we attract top talent and increasing our talent brand awareness. You will identify what brings value to our employees to create and communicate our unique employee value proposition. You will suggest a LinkedIn or similar campaigns to speak to prospective employees in multiple ways (static posts, videos, etc)
  • Project 1 Milestones:
  • Gain an understanding of Maravai’s benefits, perks & culture
  • Create & roll out a survey to solicit employee feedback on what is important to them
  • Review results and identify common themes, identifying key points to include in the employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Create the employee value propositions for each company
  • Create a communication and roll-out plan for internal and external communication
  • Present your process and resulting EVP to peers and company leadership
  • Project 2: To be added as time permits. Our products and services provide the basis for genomic medicine and the potential to cure diseases with no current good treatments. These stories can be motivating to employees and potential employees and provide a view into the higher purpose for the work we do. We would like you identify one specific area that may especially speak to potential employees of different diverse backgrounds so they can see how the higher purpose for our products and services speaks to them and their communities. You will research to identify the focus, create a storyboard and a plan for a LinkedIn or other similar campaign to tell prospective employees about Maravai and our brand companies.
  • Project 2 Milestones:
  • Identify storylines that may speak to a higher purpose for our work
  • Create plans for how we communicate these stories to prospective employees through different types of media


Work type

Full time

Work mode


Start date

Jun 16, 2024


San Diego


  • You have the potential to change, improve, and save lives around the world. 
  • You have the opportunity to be a part owner in Maravai through RSU grants and optional employee stock purchase plans. 
  • We offer comprehensive medical plans and HSA/FSA options. 
  • Fertility & family planning assistance. 
  • A variety of additional optional benefits and insurance options, including pet insurance. 
  • Retirement contributions. 
  • Holidays & Paid Time Off.