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Off-cycle Internship



We have an interest in exploring the capabilities of machine learning models (e.g. Chat GPT) to provide insights into data collected on the OCTOBOX platform. The project will include:

  • Understanding the goal of the OCTOBOX platform in terms of helping customers to better understand the performance of their devices.
  • Investigating ways for generic AI models to improve those insights.
  • Investigating ways to tune the AI models to provide better, more relevant, insights related to Wi-Fi data analysis.


  • Enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program from an accredited university.
  • Familiarity with AI tools like Chat GPT.
  • Best practices for prompting
  • Experience with tuning generic AI tools for specific applications.
  • Ability to understand, and code in, Python, Javascript, and Node.js. Familiar with REST APIs.
  • Some understanding of wireless networks and protocols would be useful but is not strictly required.

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  • Learn and understand the capabilities of the OCTOBOX product in terms of data collection.
  • Review the types of data analysis that users of the OCTOBOX product might want to perform.
  • Review the existing data analysis capabilities of the OCTOBOX product.
  • Use available AI tools to analyze OCTOBOX data, and review to see if the insights provided are useful.
  • Investigate ways to tune AI models to provide more relevant insights for Wi-Fi testing.


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