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Intern, Photonic Signal Processing Intern

🚀 Off-cycle Internship


AI generated summary

  • Seeking a highly analytical and skilled PhD student with a strong background in nanoscale optics, photonics, and computational imaging, proficient in Matlab/Python, OpenCV, CUDA programming, and deep learning frameworks, with experience in optical calibration methods and publications in relevant venues, who is collaborative, innovative, and adaptable to change.
  • The intern will be responsible for collecting and preprocessing optical/optoelectronic data, automating data collection, training neural networks, improving data quality with calibration methods, collaborating with the engineering team, publishing research results, and completing assigned tasks.

Off-cycle Internship




  • The Meta Vision Lab at Samsung aims at representing Samsung's leadership in large-scale sensor, photonic and imaging products. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for a talented and hard-working Ph.D. graduate to get involved in envisioning, prototyping, and implementing state-of-the-art optical products with a growing team. Interns are expected to implement and research production-level photonic solutions.

Skills You’ll Learn:

  • How to implement and research production-level photonic solutions.
  • Project planning and presentation competences next to engineering skill


  • Solid theoretical background in nanoscale optics and photonics
  • Coursework with linear algebra, optimization, numerical computing and modeling
  • Experience in computer vision, signal processing and/or deep learning algorithm
  • Familiar with Matlab or Python language
  • Experience with OpenCV and CUDA programming
  • Familiarity with deep learning framework such as TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Experience in emerging technologies for optical calibration and optical characterization methods for improved image processing
  • Good understanding of computational optics and imaging
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Publications in relevant top venues
  • PhD students in Electrical Engineering, Optical Physics or relevant fields
  • You’re inclusive, adapting your style to the situation and diverse global norms of our people.
  • An avid learner, you approach challenges with curiosity and resilience, seeking data to help build understanding.
  • You’re collaborative, building relationships, humbly offering support and openly welcoming approaches.
  • Innovative and creative, you proactively explore new ideas and adapt quickly to change.

Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities



  • Collect and preprocess optical and/or optoelectronic data for AI and/or neural network training purpose
  • Implement code script or program to automate data collection and preprocessing
  • Work with the team to train and test neural networks under different conditions and datasets
  • Apply novel optical calibration and characterization methods to further enhance data/signal/image quality
  • Work with the engineering team to bring up prototype demo
  • Publish research results in top venues and file patents
  • Complete other responsibilities as assigned.


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Full time

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