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27d ago

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  • Internship
    Off-cycle Internship
  • Design
  • San Diego


  • Qualifications
  • People with experience in coding (UX, web, cloud, algorithms, industry processes…)
  • People with modern development skills (web, cloud…)
  • Software Engineering
  • ICT software specifications
  • Software design methodologies
  • Unified modelling language
  • Semantic Modeling inc. RDF/RDFS/OWL
  • IaaS / Paas / SaaS
  • 3DS R&D Methods & Means
  • Prototyping development
  • Algorithms
  • Computer programming (web programming, object-oriented programming, scripting programming, …)
  • Levels of software testing
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Software anomalies
  • Integrated development environment software
  • Tools for software configuration management
  • Decision support systems
  • Software metrics
  • Change management
  • Continuous improvement philosophies
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Solving Problems


  • Design, develop and continuously improve software in order to provide World Class Apps, Services &Technologies delivering experiences & value to end-users. Continuously improve deliveries based on usage & user feedbacks. During this internship you will work on the following:
  • Understand user requirements and design capabilities in order to deliver best in class experiences
  • Propose relevant enhancements by understanding user behavior (data analytics and probes study)
  • Analyze code usage metrics to identify areas for code quality or software performances improvements
  • Understand the portfolio plans, committed values, and position new developments in this context
  • Understand competitive products landscape in the scope of their work
  • Learn and stay at the state of the art on software development practices, technologies
  • Learn and promote component re-use
  • Design new capabilities and components for re-use in collaboration with architects
  • Define and describe functional behavior, limitations and acceptance tests of capabilities to deliver
  • Define and design Software components to reveal hidden data value:
  • Ingestion pipelines (Data sources, Data curation, Data harmonization thanks to ontologies)
  • Machine learning models (Processing chains, Models, Reference data sets) and their integration within analytics chain
  • Design operable software (such as validation check on 0% downtime, code upgrade compatibility)
  • Select best algorithm


What qualifications are required for the Pipeline Pilot internship?

People with experience in coding, modern development skills, software engineering, ICT software specifications, software design methodologies, and various other software-related skills are required for the Pipeline Pilot internship.

What will be the focus of the internship?

The internship will focus on designing, developing, and continuously improving software to provide world-class apps, services, and technologies, delivering value to end-users.

What kind of projects will interns work on during the internship?

Interns will work on understanding user requirements, proposing enhancements based on user behavior, analyzing code usage metrics for improvements, collaborating with architects on design components, and designing software components for data value recognition.

What is the expected compensation range for this internship?

The total expected compensation range for the Pipeline Pilot internship will be between $22 and $40, taking into consideration experience, pay of employees in similar positions, and other job-related factors.

Will interns have the opportunity to learn and stay up-to-date with software development practices and technologies?

Yes, interns will have the opportunity to learn and stay at the state of the art on software development practices, technologies, as well as promote component re-use and design new capabilities for collaboration.

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