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Internship, Video Producer, Design Studio (Fall 2024)



26d ago

  • Internship
    Off-cycle Internship
  • Media & Journalism
  • Fremont


  • Experienced camera operator and video producer
  • Pre-production and shoot planning experience
  • Experience developing compelling video concepts, operating the camera, as well as assisting with the pre-production process from storyboarding to permitting and planning shoot logistics
  • Creative, organized with attention to detail, able to carry multiple projects in parallel
  • Experience with creating content for social media
  • Proficiency with Adobe Premiere is preferred


  • Develop video concepts that effectively serve business needs and build storyboards to communicate the concept to stakeholders and collaborators
  • Brainstorm, coordinate, capture and edit Tesla social media content
  • Coordinate interdepartmentally within Tesla to plan video shoots
  • Identify and scout locations, arrange location rentals
  • Permit roads for car-to-car shoots and work with relevant law enforcement, insurance, and permitting agencies to arrange for intermittent traffic control
  • Create shortlists, shoot schedules, and call sheets
  • Acquire rental equipment and props, hire and manage talent and/or external vendors when needed
  • Operate video cameras on shoots: design and execute effective shots for the content. Experience with drone operation is a plus!
  • Maintain clear and consistent communication within the team and among all parties involved
  • Be effective with time and budget. Be capable of tackling a one day production, a one-week production and beyond, locally as well as out of state and internationally

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

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Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy through increasingly affordable electric vehicles in addition to renewable energy generation and storage. California-based Tesla is committed to having the best-in-class in safety, performance, and reliability in all Tesla cars. There are currently over 275,000 Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles on the road worldwide. To achieve a sustainable energy future, Tesla also created infinitely scalable energy products: Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof. As the world’s only vertically integrated energy company, Tesla continues to innovate, scale and reduce the costs of commercial and grid-scale systems, with the goal of ultimately getting us to 100% renewable energy grids.