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  • You need knowledge of clean energy, skills in Microsoft Office, strong communication abilities, the ability to work independently and in a team, and strong interpersonal skills for this internship.
  • You will assist LBE Division staff with a variety of projects, from updating databases on zero emission vehicles to researching emerging technologies and supporting clean energy initiatives at state facilities.

Off-cycle Internship



  • The Department of Energy Resources’ (DOER) mission is to create a clean, affordable, equitable and resilient energy future for all residents, including low-income and Environmental Justice populations, businesses, communities, and institutions in the Commonwealth. To meet these objectives, DOER develops and implements policies and programs to ensure the adequacy, security, diversity, and cost-effectiveness of the Commonwealth's energy supply. DOER is committed to working to promote energy programs and policies that are developed and implemented to ensure environmental justice among all the Commonwealth's citizens, communities, businesses, and institutions.     
  • The Leading by Example Division (LBE) supports the adoption of a wide range of emissions reduction, sustainability, and clean energy efforts for Massachusetts state government operations. This includes but is not limited to the construction of green buildings, decarbonization of existing facilities, onsite renewable energy generation, acceleration of alternative fuel and zero emission vehicles, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy efficiency, water and waste reduction strategies, and adoption of innovative technologies. To accomplish this, the LBE Division collects and analyzes information and data, conducts regular outreach to dozens of state agencies and college campuses, facilitates technical assistance, offers grant funding opportunities, and develops a range of resources, to name just a few of the Division’s strategies.


  • General knowledge of clean energy and environmental topics
  • Experience with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to write effectively
  • Strong communication and administrative skills
  • Ability to work independently and collaborate as a team player
  • Strong interpersonal skills

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  • The full-time student intern position will assist LBE Division staff and may work across a range of projects and duties based on the intern’s interests and needs of the LBE program. This range of projects and duties may include but is not limited to:
  • Determining the timing, availability, and specs for new zero emission vehicle models and updating the LBE database for state fleet managers.
  • Providing a current market assessment of medium- and heavy-duty zero emission vehicles and the related upfitting technologies and options.
  • Helping create a centralized repository to catalog various past, current, and upcoming state entity clean energy and decarbonization efforts supported through LBE grant programs.
  • Supporting staff with the implementation of programs that fall under Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV), such as the low-income, used EV, and medium- and heavy-duty vehicle programs.
  • Accelerating state facility progress in sustainable landscaping practices (e.g., use of battery-powered landscaping equipment) through the development of new guidance documents, updated cost-savings calculators, progress tracking and reporting, information session coordination, etc.
  • Researching emerging technologies and strategies that support LBE’s decarbonization goals, such as low-embodied carbon building materials, clean hydrogen applications, new or innovative zero- and low-carbon fuels, etc.
  • Compiling and presenting content at LBE Council Meetings.
  • Supporting other efforts to promote clean energy technologies and sustainability practices at state facilities.
  • Supporting DOER and LBE equity and environmental justice priorities


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