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🚀 Off-cycle Internship
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  • You need technical proficiency, strong communication skills, and learning agility to excel as a Learning and Development Intern at Model N.
  • You will collaborate with HR to align Workday Learning with competency-based talent programs, configure settings, test functionality, research best practices, document processes, and enhance employee development and learning experiences.

Off-cycle Internship

People, HR & Administration


  • Model N is looking for college students (who have completed their junior year) ready to jump start their career exposure with an internship. We offer unparalleled hands-on experience working in an exciting yet challenging industry. Consider this an early career start, where you will have the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by some of the brightest minds at Model N. 
  • You will have the opportunity to get to know the other Model N interns and participate in workshops and trainings designed just for you and your peers. In addition, each week there will be time for additional learning through LinkedIn Learning on topics to help you develop your skills and business acumen.  
  • The Learning and Development intern will work closely with our L&D, HRBP and HRIS teams to understand the current setup of the Workday Learning LMS and the requirements of our competency-based talent program. This will enhance our ability to deliver competency-based learning programs effectively.  


  • What are the skills needed to be successful? Please specify any exposure, experience, skills, degree, focus,etc. that you will be looking for in candidates.
  • To be successful in these projects, our intern would benefit from having the following skills:
  • Technical Proficiency: The intern should have a strong aptitude for learning new software systems and technology.
  • Communication Skills: Effective written and verbal communication skills are necessary for collaborating with team members, stakeholders, and providing user support.
  • Learning Agility: Demonstrating a willingness to learn, take on new challenges, and continuously improve skills and knowledge.

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Area of Responsibilities

People, HR & Administration


  • Collaborate with HR COEs to understand the organization's competency-based talent program requirements.
  • Participate in training sessions to gain hands-on experience with the Workday Learning LMS platform.
  • Assist in configuring and customizing Workday Learning settings to align with the competency framework and learning objectives.
  • Conduct testing to ensure the functionality and usability of Workday Learning for end-users.
  • Use Workday Community to learn about industry trends and best practices in Workday Learning to contribute innovative ideas to the project.
  • Document processes, procedures, and best practices related to aligning Workday Learning with the competency-based talent program for future reference and knowledge sharing.
  • Impact:
  • Prepare Workday Learning for competency-based learning, enhancing the effectiveness of talent development initiatives.
  • Provide valuable training and development opportunities for the intern, contributing to their professional growth and potential future employment with the organization.
  • Enhance employee development by providing resources that help employees understand and navigate Model N’s competency model through their own development.
  • Position the organization as a leader in leveraging technology for talent development, driving innovation and excellence in employee learning experiences.
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and development by investing in both employee and intern growth opportunities.


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Full time

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