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Micro Target Materials Science Industrial Placement

ūüöÄ Summer Internship


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  • The candidate must be enrolled in an undergraduate materials science degree, have laboratory experience, knowledge of micro-scale manufacturing processes, familiarity with Windows, and the ability to work independently and write reports. They should also have experience with surfactants, electron microscopes, and high-power lasers, as well as a proven ability to work in a team and present project work. Safety awareness and hazard identification are also important.
  • The candidate will be responsible for conducting experimental testing of liquid target systems, exploring nanoparticle doping of low-density foams, producing low-dimensional materials through thin film production techniques, generating reports on research outcomes, and characterizing targets using equipment like X-RAY CT and SEM.

Summer Internship



  • To stay at the cutting edge of research the targets that the group supplies are constantly developing. The materials used for microtargets are key to the nature and quality of data produced. High precision is required in the manufacture as even small changes to the dimensional uniformity or chemical composition can have meaningful effects on the data. Research into novel materials and processes is one on the key deliverables of the group and the student will have the ability to contribute to the production of real-world targets that are used on experiments both in the CLF but also around the world. 
  • This placement will focus on research into novel materials for below solid density microtargets. This can range from liquid targets to low density polymeric foam-type targets and low dimensional nanowire arrays. 
  • The successful applicant will be responsible for investigating the effects of changing and modifying target materials, for example using surfactants to alter the surface tension of liquids and changing the processing parameters for foam and nanowire growth. 
  • Working in cleanroom environments, the student will also provide general support for materials manufacture for day-to-day operations in the Target Fabrication group.


  • Currently enrolled on an undergraduate degree course and returning to university/studies to complete your undergraduate degree following the placement
  • Are required or have requested to take an industrial placement year
  • Have the right to live and work in the UK for the duration of the placement
  • Able to commence employment in summer 2024
  • Subject of degree to be related to materials science
  • Good knowledge on the basics of materials science, A-level Chemistry or Physics (or equivalent) minimum
  • Some experience (including undergraduate) of working in a laboratory environment
  • Some knowledge of processes relating to the manufacture of components at the micro-scale
  • Familiarity with Windows operating system
  • The ability to work individually on a project, plan effectively and write reports
  • Good understanding of the terms repeatability, accuracy, and tolerance in an engineering context .
  • Experience working with surfactants
  • Working understanding of electron microscopes and related techniques
  • Basic knowledge of the type of experiment that could take place with a high-power laser, knowledge relevant to the Central Laser Facility and its purpose
  • Proven examples of working in a team to complete a technical or scientific project
  • Has presented project work to their academic supervisors or peers
  • Can identify hazards and work safely in a challenging environment.

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  • Carrying out experimental testing of liquid target systems
  • Investigation of nanoparticle doping of low-density foams
  • Produce low-dimensional materials via thin film production techniques
  • Produce reports on research outcomes
  • Characterisation of targets using a range of equipment such as X-RAY CT and SEM


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Full time

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Application deadline

Mar 3, 2024




23238 GBP