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  • Internship
    Off-cycle Internship
  • Design
  • London


  • Bachelor degree or above, preferably in literature, media, theatre, film and television;
  • Have a certain degree of narrative writing foundation, able to independently write all kinds of story copy;
  • Have excellent creative thinking and design ability, able to accurately grasp customer demand and market dynamics;
  • Have a keen insight into social media, network hotspots, and be able to quickly produce creative stories based on hot topics;
  • Good communication and coordination skills, able to withstand a certain degree of work pressure;
  • Familiar with script writing standard is preferred;
  • Internship period of at least 3 months, working at least 4 days a week.


  • Assist the team in content creation in terms of story planning, script writing and characterisation;
  • According to the project requirements, write and translate all kinds of narrative texts, including but not limited to: plot synopsis, character settings, scene descriptions, dialogue, etc;
  • Participate in the project planning process, communicate closely with team members to ensure narrative quality and project progress;
  • Track the project implementation, can do a good job of the current game narrative approach research report, timely adjustment of the narrative strategy, to ensure that the expected results;
  • Pay attention to hot topics and industry dynamics, and constantly improve your industry sensitivity and creative ability.


What kind of projects will I be working on as a Narrative Designer Intern at LightSpeed Studios?

As a Narrative Designer Intern at LightSpeed Studios, you will have the opportunity to work on large-scale in-development game projects.

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