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National Security Solutions Internship - Trust and Assurance Analysis for Malware Circuits

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🚀 Off-cycle Internship


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  • You must have strong analytical skills and knowledge of malware circuits to qualify for our National Security Solutions Internship in Trust and Assurance Analysis.
  • You will research malware detection techniques, setup IC design tools, verify workflow designs, develop assurance analysis metrics, and learn UVM methodology. Mentored by experienced professionals, you will establish yourself in the high demand field of digital hardware security. Gain valuable skills and knowledge through hands-on experience.

Off-cycle Internship

Software Engineering, IT & CybersecurityColumbus


  • KBR is looking for highly motivated rising Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students seeking business, science, engineering and software development opportunities that provide challenging and meaningful work experience to be a part of our 2024 Intern class. 
  • This internship will familiarize the intern with the digital hardware security, trusted, and assurance analysis in IC chip design, including FPGA design with one of our existing chip designs. Interns will work as a team, which includes collaboration and presentation skills based on the literature research and results from simulating/emulating/verification/malware detection in our chip design.

The Mission Ahead:

  • This role is with KBR’s Government Solutions U.S. division. At KBR Government Solutions, we don't just envision a world that's safer, more secure, and sustainable - we create it. Our legacy of delivering advanced full life cycle professional and technical solutions is matched only by our commitment to operational readiness and innovation. As stewards of critical missions for the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, NASA, and other key federal entities, we excel in engineering, logistics, operations, science, program management, mission IT, and cybersecurity. United in our quest for excellence, KBR stands at the vanguard, ready to transform possibilities into impactful realities for a better tomorrow.

Area of Responsibilities

Software Engineering
IT & Cybersecurity


  • Complete literature survey on digital hardware security, trust, assurance, malware detection and prevention techniques
  • Work as a team which includes collaboration and presentations of training, research, coding and design techniques
  • Setup and learn the EDA software tools for the IC design environment
  • Successfully simulate and compile an existing IC chip workflow design
  • Setup and learn verification using simulators and hardware emulators
  • Verify a workflow design using a hardware emulator with a vulnerability
  • Develop verification experiments and techniques for assurance analysis
  • Develop assurance metrics for analysis for a workflow emulated design
  • Learn basic UVM verification methodology and class libraries
  • Selected interns for this paid opportunity will be provided with the opportunity to mentor with experienced professionals, gain experience and establish a name for themselves in this high demand career field.


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Full time

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