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  • You must be a senior-level student at UNM CON in good standing, enrolled as an intern with basic nursing skills training. Fluency in English plus one of the listed languages and CPR certification are required. Must obtain temporary or permanent RN license within 6 weeks of program completion.
  • You will deliver safe patient care, assist with medication administration, perform tests/procedures, maintain a therapeutic environment, support hospital goals, and promote patient safety through proactive measures and reporting concerns promptly.


  • Essential:
  • Student Course
  • Education specialization:
  • Essential:
  • Senior Level-Good Standing UNM CON-Enrolled as Intern
  • Basic Nursing Skills Course at Nursing School
  • Experience:
  • Essential/Nonessential:
  • Bilingual English, Spanish, Keres, Tewa, Tiwa, Towa, Zuni, or Navajo 1/2 year (6 months) directly related experience
  • Credentials:
  • Essential:
  • CPR for Healthcare/BLS Prov or Prof Rescuers w/in 30 days
  • Upon completion of pgm temp or perm RN lic w/in 6 weeks


  • PATIENT CARE - Deliver safe, direct care to an assigned group of patients, under the supervision of an RN Preceptor
  • POLICIES - Work within Hospitals, Nursing division and departmental policies
  • CARE PLAN - Work in collaboration with the healthcare team, implement and document individualized care plans incorporating age specific considerations, including discharge planning and patient/family teaching
  • MEDICATION - Administer medication, including IV medication, via the Seven Rights; document and communicate clinical findings
  • TESTS AND PROCEDURES - Assist with special tests and procedures, ensure proper consent has been obtained
  • EMERGENCY MEASURES - Assist with or institute emergency measures for sudden, adverse developments in patients
  • ENVIRONMENT - Maintain a safe, comfortable, and therapeutic environment for patients/families in accordance with Hospitals standards
  • MISSION AND GOALS - Assist to maintain, support, and implement department and Hospitals mission and goals
  • DEVELOPMENT - Enhance professional growth and development through participation in educational programs, reading current literature, attending in-services, meetings and workshops
  • RELATED WORK - Perform related duties and responsibilities as required
  • PATIENT SAFETY 1 - Follow patient safety-related policies, procedures and protocols
  • PATIENT SAFETY 2 - Demonstrate proactive approach to patient safety by seeking opportunities to improve patient safety through questioning of current policies and processes
  • PATIENT SAFETY 3 - Identify and report/correct environmental conditions and/or situations that may put a patient at undue risk
  • PATIENT SAFETY 4 - Report potential or actual patient safety concerns, medical errors and/or near misses in a timely manner
  • PATIENT SAFETY 5 - Encourage patients to actively participate in their own care by asking questions and reporting treatment or situations that they don't understand or may "not seem right"


What are the education requirements for this position?

The essential education requirements for this Nurse Intern position include being a senior level student in good standing at UNM CON enrolled as an intern, as well as completing a Basic Nursing Skills Course at a nursing school.

What experience is needed for this role?

The essential experience for this Nurse Intern position is being a student. However, nonessential bilingual English, Spanish, Keres, Tewa, Tiwa, Towa, Zuni, or Navajo language skills and 1/2 year (6 months) directly related experience are preferred.

What credentials are required for this position?

The essential credentials for this Nurse Intern position include CPR for Healthcare/BLS certification and obtaining a temporary or permanent RN license within 6 weeks of completion of the program.

What are the physical conditions and working conditions for this role?

The physical conditions for this Nurse Intern position are classified as Heavy Work, requiring the exertion of 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally. The working conditions include exposure to chemicals and biohazardous materials requiring personal protective equipment (PPE). Access to the medication room is limited and follows specific policies.

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