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26d ago

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  • You need strong English writing skills, tech savvy, and great communication skills to summarize software features and unique beverage industry terms for Monster Energy's internal applications.
  • You will utilize strong communication skills and computer proficiency to support application development tasks, demonstrating resourcefulness and timeliness in generating deliverables. A background in business or teaching is beneficial.

Off-cycle Internship

IT & CybersecurityCorona


  • Intern position to document various aspects of internal applications with an emphasis on beverage industry terminology. Solid English writing skills ae required and helpful if candidate has a technical or business major. Candidate would generate documentation to define vocabulary of terms used to represent bottler acronyms used at Monster and how these terms are utilized by software applications. Good people skills are required to interface with users, developers and IT personnel to acquire information and organize it into a short, simple and easily understood format. Templates and examples would be provided as a starting point reference and emphasis on certain things would evolve and take shape as the documentation builds. Each documented feature or task would be treated as a small project self-contained project rather than being one large cohesive document. 


  • This is basically a technical writing position to document features and terms used with two internal applications. The goal is to generate a collection of stand-alone one or two page summaries of features that will help serve as being a user manual for internal training purposes. Must interface with a variety of people and document terms unique to the beverage industry and document the behavior of software applications used within Monster Energy Corp. The majority of time would be spent working with software developers who will guide which areas of two complex applications will be documented. Developing this documentation will sometimes require interfacing with people outside the development group, such as stakeholders and users, to gather additional information and clarify how features either do work or should work.
  • Strong English writing skills are required in order to properly convey how software features work from a user perspective. This also applies to describing unique terms used in the beverage industry and how these terms apply to software features that increase worker productivity in our company.
  • Good communication skills and people skills are required in order to be successful in grasping concepts and documenting them in order to efficiently summarize and convey how things work or should work.

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IT & Cybersecurity


  • Requires excellent written English skills.
  • Requires strong verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have familiarity with computers and word processors, ideally Windows and Word.
  • Must be resourceful and self-motivated to generate deliverables in a timely fashion.
  • Business background with classes in accounting or economics or business is quite beneficial.
  • Useful but not required to have technical background or familiarity with software applications like Excel.
  • Having a teaching background could be quite useful and substitute for having a technical or business background.


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