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Pensions Administrator Placement Student

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  • You need previous office experience, studying Maths/Finance/Business, in Birmingham, numerical aptitude, basic knowledge of pensions, and MS Office skills.
  • You will handle various pension administration tasks, update databases, perform calculations, learn client details, and manage correspondence.


  • Previous office based experience as an office administrator, receptionist or in a customer service role would be suitable.
  • Studying Maths, Finance or Business related degree.
  • Based in the Birmingham area.
  • A numerical aptitude evidenced by work experience or academic achievements - maths and English GCSE grade 4/C or equivalent.
  • A basic knowledge and understanding of the pensions industry
  • Knowledge and experience of MS Office Products such as Excel and Word (or similar)


  • As a Placement Student Pensions Administrator with XPS you will…
  • Perform various administration tasks e.g., handling of new entrants, leavers, retirements, transfers and deaths
  • Update relevant pensions administration databases and systems
  • Running automated calculations and performing manual benefit canulations
  • Develop a knowledge of clients and their associated schemes
  • Logging and scanning of correspondence


What services does the pensions administration business provide?

Our services include scheme administration, first-time outsourcing, member communications, and scam protection.

What is the main focus of the pensions administration business?

Putting scheme members at the heart of everything we do is our main focus.

What are some of the tasks that a Pensions Administrator Placement Student would be responsible for?

A Pensions Administrator Placement Student would be responsible for assisting with scheme administration, member communications, and scam protection tasks.

How important is member communication in the pensions administration business?

Member communication is extremely important in our business as we strive to keep our scheme members informed and engaged.

We believe that everyone should expect more from the pensions industry

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XPS Pensions Group is a consulting and actuarial services company that specializes in providing pension advice and solutions to both corporate clients and pension scheme trustees. They offer a range of services, including actuarial consulting, pension administration, investment consulting, and pension scheme management. XPS Pensions Group's ultimate mission is to help their clients navigate the complexities of the pension landscape and ensure the security and sustainability of pension schemes. Their purpose is to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to effectively manage pension obligations, optimise pension scheme performance, and mitigate risks associated with pension liabilities. XPS Pensions Group aims to empower their clients with the knowledge and support needed to make informed decisions about their pension arrangements, ultimately ensuring the financial well-being of pension scheme members and the organisations they serve.