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Product Internship

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Rolling basis


  • As a graduate in the product team, you’ll work with our clients to deliver our multilateral optimisation services, improve our approach and launch new solutions.
  • Our product development and service delivery help us to stand out in the crowd. You’ll play a crucial role in nurturing client relationships and capturing and relaying market feedback to the engineering department, so we can continuously develop our services to reduce more risk and deliver even greater efficiencies.
  • The successful candidate will work with the Product Team to design and implement new products and services.
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Area of Responsibilities



They will work directly with the Compression and Engineering teams to enhance the product, based on feedback from clients and analysis of runs, as well as on strategic projects. Examples of possible projects include:

  • Product Design and Delivery
  • Contributing to design and implementation of new products / major service additions
  • Continuous enhancements of existing Products / Services, based on Client needs and competitive landscape
  • Work with Engineering team to ensure Product enhancements are delivered to Client
  • Coordinate Quantile optimization runs
  • Ensure all necessary information is ready (Client data, run config) for the Strat team to perform the optimization
  • Execute any post run processes (e.g. trade booking, regulatory reporting)
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  • Pursuing a degree in engineering, mathematics, physics, economics or finance
  • Excellent communication skills (being able to understand quantitative issues and explain them to a non-technical audience)
  • Attention to detail and operational diligence
  • Knowledge of the below is highly desirable
  • Derivatives
  • IR (swaps, swaptions, futures), FX (FWD, NDF, FX option), Equity (TRS, PRS, dividend handling, futures)
  • Greeks and pricing models associated with the above derivative ProductBusiness
  • Cleared margin, SIMM, leverage ratio (CEM, SA-CCR), RWA, CCAR
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Education requirements

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