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  • The Robot Optics Intern at Neuralink must have a solid understanding of optics fundamentals, experience with optical equipment and engineering, as well as proficiency in optics simulation and design software. They should also have experience with optomechanical systems, benchtop testing, and metrology benchmarking. Strong attention to detail and knowledge of engineering principles are preferred qualifications.
  • The Robot Optics Intern at Neuralink will be responsible for designing and simulating optical imaging systems, testing and maintaining vision systems in robots, repairing and troubleshooting optical subassemblies, testing optics consumables, developing image acquisition and processing software, conducting preliminary tests of new imaging technologies for robotic surgeries, evaluating and implementing process improvements with engineering, and preparing relevant documentation and SOP for robot optics.


  • Familiar with basic optics fundamentals such as aberrations, transmission/reflection, light polarization, gaussian beams, etc.
  • Experience with visible and IR optical equipment (including fiber splicers, light sources, beam profilers, power meters, resolution targets, etc.)
  • 1+ years of optical engineering experience, including simulation and design of optics in Zemax or equivalent software.
  • 1+ years of relevant industrial experience with assembly, precision alignment, and integration of complex optomechanical systems
  • 1+ years experience with benchtop testing, performance characterization, and metrology benchmarking of optical systems
  • Experience documenting and following procedures of optical design pipeline (assembly, characterization, verification, etc) with a high level of detail
  • Preferred Qualifications:
  • Strong understanding of engineering first principles
  • Education in an engineering-related field
  • Experience with data analysis and image processing
  • Experience with optics alignment and optics bench test
  • Experience with fiber optics fabrication
  • Mechanical engineering and CAD skills
  • Experience simulating and designing optics in Zemax or equivalent software


  • Design and simulation of optical imaging systems
  • Test, verification, and maintenance of vision systems in robots
  • Repair and troubleshoot existing optical subassemblies
  • Test and verification of optics consumables
  • Develop image acquisition and processing software
  • Preliminary tests of new imaging technologies for robotic surgeries
  • Work with engineering to evaluate and implement process improvements
  • Prepare relevant documentation and SOP for the robot optics

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Neuralink is a team of exceptionally talented people. We are creating the future of brain-machine interfaces: building devices now that will help people with paralysis and inventing new technologies that will expand our abilities, our community, and our world. Our goal is to build a system with at least two orders of magnitude more communication channels (electrodes) than current clinically-approved devices. This system needs to be safe, it must have fully wireless communication through the skin, and it has to be ready for patients to take home and use on their own. Our device, called the Link, will be able to record from 1024 electrodes and is designed to meet these criteria.