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SLA R&D Intern (Fall 2024)



25d ago

  • Internship
    Off-cycle Internship
  • Software Engineering
  • Somerville

AI generated summary

  • You must question assumptions, work autonomously in research, design experiments, analyze data, know Python/Matlab, CAD modeling, and have bonus product development and physics modeling experience.
  • You will design and innovate 3D printing techniques, collaborate with teams on product improvements, evaluate printer performance, conduct experiments, analyze results, and solve complex engineering challenges.


  • Are willing to question assumptions and back it up with data
  • Are able to work autonomously to research
  • Have experience with experiment design and data analysis
  • Understand programming and scientific computing, ideally Python or Matlab
  • Are familiar with mechanical design, mechatronics, and CAD modeling (Solidworks/OpenScad a plus)
  • Bonus Skills (Optional):
  • Previous work on a consumer product
  • Developed physics-based models of complex systems


  • Design, build, and innovate new 3D printing techniques - from developing new printer architectures to validating minute changes in galvo control
  • Work across teams to help implement improvements to current products such as redesigning support structure algorithm based on experiment results
  • Evaluate current printer performance for areas for improvement
  • Design and execute experiments and use results to inform and develop improvements in software or hardware
  • Tackle complex and open-ended problems across multiple engineering disciplines


What department is this R&D internship in?

This R&D internship is in the Engineering department at Formlabs.

Where is the location of this internship?

The internship is located onsite in Somerville, MA.

What is the commitment for this internship?

The commitment for this internship is full-time.

What application requirements are necessary for this internship?

A portfolio of your previous engineering work/projects is required for this internship.

What are some key responsibilities of this internship?

Key responsibilities include designing, building, and innovating new 3D printing techniques, working across teams to implement improvements to current products, evaluating current printer performance for areas of improvement, designing and executing experiments, and tackling complex engineering problems.

What are some desired skills for applicants of this internship?

Desired skills for applicants include the ability to question assumptions and back it up with data, autonomous research capabilities, experience with experiment design and data analysis, understanding of programming and scientific computing (Python or Matlab), and familiarity with mechanical design, mechatronics, and CAD modeling.

Are there any bonus skills that are optional for applicants of this internship?

Optional bonus skills include previous work on a consumer product and developing physics-based models of complex systems.

What perks do internships at Formlabs offer?

Internship perks at Formlabs include social events, networking opportunities, access to fully-stocked kitchens and onsite lunches, and unlimited 3D printing.

Is Formlabs an equal opportunity employer?

Yes, Formlabs is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in the workplace.

Do recruitment agencies play a role in the hiring process for this internship?

Formlabs does not accept agency resumes for this internship and encourages applicants to apply directly.

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Formlabs is expanding access to digital fabrication, so anyone can make anything. Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts with offices in Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Hungary, and North Carolina, Formlabs is the professional 3D printer of choice for engineers, designers, manufacturers, and decision makers around the globe. Formlabs products include the Form 3, Form 3B, Form 3L, and Form 3BL powered by an advanced form of stereolithography (SLA) called Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D printing, Form Wash and Form Cure post-processing solutions, Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer, and Form Cell manufacturing solution. Through its Factory Solutions offering for industrial users, Formlabs provides the factories of tomorrow with the flexibility and versatility needed for demanding, evolving industrial applications. Formlabs also develops its own suite of high-performance materials that continue to push the boundaries for 3D printing, as well as best-in-class 3D printing software