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Summer Intern – Reliability Engineer (Tubular Services)

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  • You must have strong interpersonal skills, analytical experience in failure analysis, and advanced computer skills for this Summer Intern position as a Reliability Engineer in Tubular Services at Nabors Industries.
  • You will analyze failure data, prepare technical reports, respond to field queries, and collaborate with suppliers to enhance product reliability. Research and experiment to improve product performance and maintain documentation. Liaise with various departments for support and execution.

Summer Internship



  • Provide effective support to field operations for products/services as a moderator for technical queries, analyze and respond to query content, escalating queries to Sustaining Engineering where needed. Execute corresponding queries through to closure, identify and report failure trends while encouraging the use of existing documentation by field operations. Responsible for creating, reviewing, and maintaining Technical Documentation for the products/services assigned and contributing to optimizing products and test processes. 
  • The Reliability Engineer is responsible for tracking field failures and high maintenance costs; then finding ways to reduce these failures, losses or high costs. Prioritize focused effort on critical opportunities. Provides technical advice and strategic support to develop a plan to improve designs and operating efficiencies and expand the life cycle of the tools. Will play a critical role in the design and development stages for new products and the modification of the existing product. 


  • Minimum Qualifications:
  • Strong interpersonal leadership skills for mentoring and consensus building
  • Commitment to safety, personal integrity, and ethical business
  • Behavioral Competencies:
  • Minimum 1 Year Experience in Failure Analysis/Root Cause Analysis
  • Minimum 1 Year Experience in a Repair and Maintenance Role
  • Analytical experience in determining root cause failure and improving life cycle equipment cost
  • Physical Requirements/Working Conditions:
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong Troubleshooting Skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Advanced computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams
  • Detailed understanding of tool functionality
  • Detailed understanding of Field operations related the PL
  • Detailed understanding of Repair and Maintenance Procedures

Education requirements

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Area of Responsibilities



  • Prepare technical failure reports, as needed, to include root cause analysis, operational/applications analysis on existing and new products
  • Validate incident tracking statistics (downtime, etc.) via S&R and RigLine. Audit various databases to ensure quality assurance and quality control, etc.
  • Ensure that the assembly, inspection and disassembly procedures are being adhered to as per the Quality Management System
  • Assist in product and/or process improvement/enhancements and evaluate the field performance of prototype and existing or modified products, as required
  • Design and perform tests and experiments to enhance and understand product performance when required, and provide detailed technical reports intended for internal or external distribution
  • Assist in improving product reliability through collaboration with suppliers, as needed.
  • Respond to technical queries from the Field Operations in a timely manner as defined by product line. This will include a periodic need to work remotely.
  • Reliability engineers must respond to technical field queries within 24 hours for nonoperational queries. For field operation-related inquiries, they should be answered within one hour via telephone if network permits, if not by email.
  • Write all first-time operating procedures for operations and prepare draft WI.
  • Analyze technical queries to determine trends and specific issues with products/services assigned.
  • Review and maintain the documentation with a particular focus on operating procedures, preventative maintenance, and work instructions
  • Analyze failure data on products/services assigned to determine trends. Implement corrective actions as required. Once identified, these queries and issues should be addressed with corrective actions such as: PL quality documentation, training, and competency material. Changes to the documentation should also be controlled and released by the Reliability engineer.
  • Liaise with the engineering, automation & controls and development departments to assign priorities and follow up on technical queries assigned to them for review and execution.
  • Push the usage of the latest software available for acquisition systems in the field where applicable
  • Continuously assimilate with the products/services by self-training through working with R&D on developing products.


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Full time

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