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Summer Internship 2024 - DC & Financial Wellbeing Consulting

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Sep 4

🚀 Summer Internship


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  • The ideal candidate for the Summer Internship 2024 - DC & Financial Wellbeing Consulting at LCP should have a strong desire to gain experience in technical value-add work, while also being skilled in building client relationships with industry giants and major corporations, including FTSE 100 companies.
  • The candidate will shape retirement futures, advise on responsible investing, drive member engagement, develop financial wellbeing strategies, and stay updated on financial market shifts.

Summer Internship

Consulting, Banking & Finance•London


  • Experience life as a Summer Intern within the DC & Financial Wellbeing department!
  • You will experience using data and complex models to make a tangible difference to the lives of millions of employees and DC pension scheme members.


  • Gain experience in a role that strikes a balance between technical value-add work, building strong client relationships with industry giants and major corporations, including FTSE 100 companies

Area of Responsibilities

Banking & Finance


  • As a Summer Intern on the team, you will:
  • Shape Retirement Futures: Understand how we advise trustees and employers on DC pension schemes, optimising default investment strategies and investment options for members and advising on manager selection.
  • Responsible investment: Learn how we advise clients around responsible investing, including climate risks and opportunities associated with different investment strategies. Influence how clients shape their investment strategy and interact with asset managers for the good of members and beyond.
  • Driving member engagement: See the ways in which we advise clients on communication tactics for better member engagement and outcomes.
  • Beyond Pensions: Support us craft tailored employee financial wellbeing strategies, using data analytics to support both immediate goals and long-term savings.
  • Market knowledge: Get an insight as to how we remain updated on financial market shifts and how they impact clients and their performance against their objectives.


Work type

Full time

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