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Graduate Job

Banking & Finance•London


  • The quantity of information available for investment research purposes is increasing at such a rate that traditional industry practices and skillsets are unable to absorb and process it. Global trends in digitalisation, social media, open data and technology are all creating vast streams of alternative data that are often highly unstructured and obscure. However, they contain valuable and often rare insights. The IIU aims to find these new and potentially unorthodox datasets, extract the rich, hidden information they contain and use their expertise to improve traditional fundamental research. 
  • The IIU consciously adopts a strengths-based style of management and personal development. We strive to understand people's motivations and strengths and position their roles to play to these. This applies to their immediate role and as part of their ongoing career development into future roles. 


  • An honours degree or equivalent – from a wide range of relevant subject areas; i.e. those from those more traditionally associated with STEM, like Math and Physics, to those which use quantitative techniques such as Anthropology, Psychology and Political Science. If your degree includes data analysis and critical thinking, we'd like to hear from you
  • A specific specialisation in data science is not required, however passion for the subject and introductory knowledge of both programming and statistics is required
  • You will be in your final year of study or already graduated
  • Exposure to programming, preferably in R, Python and/or SQL
  • Statistical skills, including at least multivariate linear regression

Education requirements

Currently Studying

Area of Responsibilities

Banking & Finance


  • As a Graduate within the IIU you will learn at the feet of our team's expertise in statistics, software development, data visualisation, investment and other related skillsets. You will work in code, to review data, to provide decision support for your internal customers. You will think deeply and empathetically about what these customers need, and you will engage with them to update this understanding, ensuring your results are not just correct but also useful, understood and acted upon.
  • Your internal customers will primarily be the firm's analysts and fund managers, who will need your support in deciding how to invest Schroder's client's money wisely. These customers will provide you with a rich qualitative understanding of the market, its dynamics, and the properties of the particular companies within it. You will provide them with quantitative answers to discrete theses about these markets and companies, helping to assess the probabilities and impacts of future scenarios. As you come to understand their needs better you will start to pre-empt them, building pipelines and dashboards that automate the process of answering their questions, expanding the volume of decisions your work influences.

Application process

  • Online application form and CV
  • Online assessments
  • First stage interview & technical test
  • Final round interview with a senior member of the business


Work type

Full time

Work mode





  • Gain the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) in your first few weeks. The IMC benchmark entry-level qualification into the UK investment profession
  • Gain the CFA Level 1 professional qualification in the first year of programme with opportunities to study level 2 or alternative qualifications in year two
  • Benefit from a series of immersive and engaging training sessions equipping you with the skills you need to adapt to the world of work, hit the ground running and make an impact – training covers industry knowledge, technical and soft skills training
  • Attend “Lunch and Learns/ “Coffee Hours” led by senior people across the business – your chance to build contacts in the industry and grow your professional network
  • Access to a buddy – we'll match you with a graduate buddy where you'll be supported during the first few weeks of your internship, helping you to integrate into the team and the business
  • Access to Employee Assistance Programme – providing you with access to 24 hour confidential telephone counselling and a comprehensive online source of information on a range of issues, including Mental Health
  • Free use of private GP Service  
  • On-site staff restaurant  
  • Free use of on-site gym